Good news: Why radio mightn’t be dying out after all

Just when you thought radio’s hey-day was over, there’s been some promising news that will make us feel happy again:

Just when you thought radio’s hey-day was over, there’s been some promising news that will make us feel happy again: radio is doing better than ever.

According to The Australian, ratings and listeners have stayed consistent across the radio network. Right now the frontrunners of the radio industry are APN’s Australian Radio Network, who own the KIIS and Gold networks, and Nova (including the smoothfm network in Sydney and Melbourne), and Macquarie Media Limited (the merger of MRN and Fairfax Radio) held the two biggest radio markets, Sydney and Melbourne.

Even Southern Cross Austereo’s troubled Hit network showed signs of improvement in Adelaide (Hit 107) and Brisbane (Hit 105.3), with both getting more listeners through the year.

SCA’s chief content officer, Guy Dobson, said the low times were in the past. “For us year on year, we’re up everywhere in terms of ratings”.

“We’ve certainly improved in the money demos and it’s been a big digital year for us as well.”

Australians love listening to Nova first and foremost, followed closely by Austereo.

ARN’s national content director Duncan Campbell said “Certainly with adult listening, radio is doing tremendously well”, with long-running shows such as KIIS’s Kyle and Jackie O, Triple M’s Hot Breakfast with Eddie McGuire and 97.3’s Robin, Terry and Bob being ratings winners.

And AM radio is still pushing ahead despite mergers and syndication – radio listeners really love 2GB, 3AW and 4BC.

It looks like radio is here to stay for the foreseeable future, says Dobson. Radio is changing – “We’ve added words, video and social media”, he said.


Tell us, do you still listen to the radio? What channel do you listen to?

  1. Love my radio but rarely commercial stations unless the cricket is on the ABC which is my preferred network.

  2. I rarely listen to the radio. I don’t like the talkback, which seems to be less ‘talk back’ and much more ‘tell me I’m right’. I gave up on the gimmicks and stupidity of breakfast radio after some dubious practical jokes. I listen to our local community radio or ABC News Radio when driving.

    • Try community fm radio they cater to many different tastes and have very few ads only local sponsers.

    • Joan Savell I do listen to them in the car but I don’t like background noise so unless I have time to really sit and listen I wouldn’t turn it on. Our community radio can be exasperatingly amateur at times with a struggling announcer and some of the music choices way too country for me. Overall it is good and I do find out about community events I wouldn’t otherwise.

  3. ABC 702 and Radio National. Then when I’m driving,I’ve found a new upbeat one called Hope 102.3 especially nice presenters!

  4. Usually have the radio on at home and in the car. Was up early this morning (couldn’t sleep) doing some Christmas goodies cooking, and won a double pass to the movies from the local radio station. Good start to the week!!! 😄

  5. Listen every night when in bed with talk back have it going everyday while doing housework always on in the car love the radio

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