A look back on the best memories from our childhood

Tonight we take a look back at some of our favourite memories from our childhood… Wow, being a kid seems like

Tonight we take a look back at some of our favourite memories from our childhood…

Wow, being a kid seems like a lifetime ago but when you really think about it, it was a time of great joy and learning. Everything was new and exciting!

Do you remember these following things from your childhood?

Playing jacks


The classic Mary Jane shoes


Drinking from aluminium cups 


Mowing the lawn with the family

cutting grass

Black and white TV

family tvtime

Playing games like hide and seek


Drinking from the hose on a hot summer day


Skipping with a hula hoop 


Using this ice tray


Wearing matching cotton dresses

Playing at little lunch 


Milk time

milk at school

The popular musk sticks


Playing with paper dolls for hours


Having a rest time at school


The school bus

school bus

Mr Squiggle!

Taking your tricycle for a spin around the neighbourhood


Enjoying Vegemite snacks!


Going to the shops with your mum

grocery shopping

The school pencil case


Tell us, do you remember these things from your childhood? What did we miss?

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  1. Backyard birthday parties , making mud pies without our mums freaking out about the germs we never came to any harm and swimming with my dog in the paddle pool

  2. I remember all of these things plus many more with so much affection, I’m sorry my children didn’t experience them. I hope they have wonderful childhood memories but very different from my carefree childhood (born in the 1950s). Happy days!!

    • Your children will remember different happy memories. Mine, who are 42 & 38 tell me that they have nothing but happy memories of their childhoods.

  3. I remember sao’s with lashings of butter and vegemite…….when it was the real vegemite and watching Rin Tin Tin on the black and white T.V.

  4. I sure remember that pencil case!
    Drinking from the hose.
    Aluminum cups for picnics.
    Black and white TV!
    Musk stick lollies.
    My mother never went shopping. She was always working as Matron of nursing home. Everything was delivered. Meat, groceries, milk.
    Once or twice a year we would go to grace bros in Sydney.

  5. All of them but we also were able to play outside till dark ride our bikes for miles no worries always took sandwiches had cracker nights no one got hurt we had a wonderful childhood

    • I think pedophiles were around but we were ignorant and didn’t have technology to find out all the news everywhere.

    • You say had cracker night , no one got hurt, the Children’s Hospitals in Brisbane alone used to treat hundreds of kids with burns and major incidents like eyes blown out every cracker night !!

  6. I remember them all very well, they were very much care free days. With technology life is much faster and I think for many stressful these days.

  7. Yes I remember them all. And most children still enjoy them. You can still buy musk sticks. Dont know about choo choo bars (I loved them). Going to the saturday afternoon matinee at the pictures with all the local kids. Playing using our imagination (rare nowadays). Mud pies. Also the local milk bar milk shakes that came in the tin cup container that is was made in.

  8. Same old pics….trotted out time and again….just in a different order! Come on….surely there are some photos from that era that have not been posted umpteen times??

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