Nick Kyrgios continues attack that sends target “over the edge’

Nick Kyrgios has certainly made a name for himself by causing a media stir. Just days after getting knocked out

Nick Kyrgios has certainly made a name for himself by causing a media stir. Just days after getting knocked out of Wimbledon, after he chose to play computer games instead of preparing, he has returned to social media to continue his attacks on Kitty Chiller.

Kyrgios has been mocking the Chef de Mission for Australia at the 2016 Summer Olympics online since he said he would not compete at the Rio Games. Kitty was named in his original statement saying that her treatment of him was “unfair and unjust”. Since this declaration, he has continued to take his grievances to social media.

In his latest tweet, a follower of Nick posted to him that Chiller 14th in modern pentathlon at the Sydney Olympics Nick fired off “Haha she came 14th I don’t think that counts as competing in the olypmics [sic]”. A tweet that forced Kitty to send a letter for the AOC boss Mike Tancred saying “I have had it”.

Kitty told the Sydney Morning Herald “That threw me over the edge. That cut me to the quick. In retrospect, that was an emotional response with me not being happy with 14th [in Sydney] 16 years ago. I’m sure, if I psychoanalysed it, that’s why it affected me.” Kitty continued “It also brought back – and this really annoys me – the times when people say, ‘Who’s she? What’s she done?’ That’s irrelevant. It’s f—ing irrelevant to what I’ve done in this role. It’s a perception of some people that if you’re not a gold medallist or swimmer or rower or track and field runner, you’re no good. Nobody knows my story.”

Nick has gone on to delete the offending tweet but upon this story going to press he once again took to social media to poke at Kitty.

When is it going to be “enoughs enough” for Kyrgios? Should he be punished for what is essentially cyber bullying Kitty?

  1. Sharon Borg  

    Yes he should be punished. He is no different to other cyber bullies that when caught, face the wreaths of the law. Who does he think he is anyway……….seriously, he is a tennis player not a god. He should keep his grieveances between himself and the other party NOT to be put on social media where others can jump on the bandwagon. For goodness sake when will you grow up Nick Kyrgios!!!!!!

    • Eugene  

      Grow up…this is not important in the scheme of things….just another woman not suited to the role she has been given. Put up a smarter individual. Nothing has changed and the old saying still applies. If it’s too hot in the kitchen then get out. This Kitty has distracted from the position she holds because of personal weakness. Nothing to do with bullying. Kyrgios doesnt lose any sleep over what Chiller may think and neither should he. She should rule the moral benchmark. She has no right.

  2. His poor mother must duck for cover when he shows off his bad manners and bad hair

    • Judith Fitzsimmons  

      Instead of ducking for cover she should be telling him to wake up to himself

    • Rhonda  

      Unfortunately, Rosanna, his mother has, on numerous occasions defended his tantrums and rudeness. As with many spoilt children, it appears to be the mother’s doing.

  3. Wendy crawford - Brennan  

    She is the fool for running with it
    Be the better smarter person and ignore it!

    • Peter Fortey  

      Some times you have to react. It’s not ok for him to bully people and get away with it. If you don’t react you’re sending him a message that tells him he can continue to behave in this way with impunity

  4. Bob Mooney  

    Nick, You’re words and actions define you as the type of man you are. Go stand in the corner and hang your head in shame, and don’t come out until you’ve learned how to respect other people.

    • DON WALKER  

      Your giving this fool credit by calling him a man. This disgrace to Australian sport should be banned from all Australian assistance and see how far he goes. Just wondering, what world ranking does this clown hold?

  5. Leone O'Sullivan  

    He should only be allowed to use his phone under adult supervision.

  6. Jacquie  

    The man is an idiot! Stop giving him media coverage and a forum for his spoilt tanties and he might go away!!

    • Kay Hart  

      Agree whole heartily with you Jacquie

  7. Jennifer Dickson  

    Pathetic and offensive “might have been”. A might have been, is someone who never really made it enough to even be called a “has been.”

  8. Greg  

    Does that mean that his current ranking of 18th doesn’t qualify him as a competitor in world tennis? Pot, kettle, black.

  9. Sandra Lewington  

    He should have a dummy in his mouth instead of his shirt or necklace maybe that would shut him up

  10. what a pity there isn’t an olympics for attitude Kyrgios would win the gold medal on every count ARROGANCE, STUPIDITY cHILDISHNESS, IGNORANCE 4 gold medals nick

  11. Deb  

    He is a spoiled brat that should be given a six month suspension from all tennis competition. I am so over this childish brat. Then again he gets publicity so perhaps stop that too. All Narcisstic personalities need attention good or bad to get their highs. Australia should let him go he is nothing to us.

    • Judith Fitzsimmons  

      I agree, his sponsors should withdraw and see how that goes with him. I can’t even watch him play

  12. Aus Citizen  

    Yes, there is a simple solution. As Nick seems to think he is above the law and can say and do as he pleases, I think it is now time the AOC and ATA, cut their ties with him and let him free to embarrass himself and his family and not Australia and its Citizens any longer.

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