My scam warning to others: Do not open this Australia Post email

I received an email claiming to be from Australia Post, advising that “A mailman did not redeem the parcel to your address for the reason: you were away.”

It then had a link to click on to retrieve the shipping label – “Use your shipping label then attend a postal service to pick up the package.

Download shipping label

Just in case the package isn’t collected within 30 working days Australia Post can have the right to declare commission from you for it’s holding in the sum of 2.88 AUD to each day of storing.

We use the personal information you provide only for purposes consistent with the reason you provided it, or for a directly related purpose. We may also use your personal information where required or permitted by law. We may also use your information where you have provided us with your express or implied consent.”

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The following was shown at the bottom of the email –

This is an automatically generated message. Unsubscribe Australia Post @ 2015

I was in fact expecting delivery of a parcel, so I clicked on the link which brought up a very strange file. I am not generally caught by scams, however, I was this time.

This is what came up:


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Your important files (including those on the network disks, USB, etc): photos,

videos, documents, etc. were encrypted with our Crypt0L0cker virus. The only

way to get your files back is to pay us. Otherwise, your files will be lost.

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Your important files: photos, videos, documents etc. were encrypted with our

Crypt0L0cker virus. This virus uses very strong encryption

algorithm – RSA-2048. Breaking of RSA-2048 encryption algorithm is impossible

without special decryption key.

[=] How can I get my files back?

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Your files are now unusable and unreadable, you can verify it by trying to

open them. The only way to restore them to a normal condition is to use our

special decryption software. You can buy this decryption software on

our website.

[=] What should I do next?

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You should visit our website and buy decryption for your PC.

So there you have it! I have lost all my pictures and personal files, all I see now instead of the files is just “…encrypted”! This is a warning to anyone to not open suspicious emails from Australia Post, even if you’re waiting on a package. Australia Post would never contact you in this way. The giveaway is in the wording of the email – it’s not professional.

This scam was made by scam artists who used Australia Post as a guise to get money out of me and others, and was never sent by Australia Post. Hopefully you will know now if you see this scam.

Have you ever been the victim of a scam?