What would you do if got this letter about your car?

Classic car.
Not everyone appreciates a classic car, especially if the noise wakes them on every morning.

Imagine this. You’ve bought your dream car. You might have spent a fortune on doing it up just the way you like it. You sit behind the wheel and all those old memories come flooding back… The feel of the seats, the throb of the motor, the sound of that engine!

It could even be a new car… a rumbling V8. What about that Harley you’ve always dreamed about?

Then you get a letter in your letterbox. 

One driver received this letter from a neighbour saying, yes it is a cool car, but it was not cool that it was too noisy. They said they can hear him come and go, so they asked him to park elsewhere, rather than disturb their peace.

Noisy car letter.
This is the letter one driver received from a neighbour.

The fact is, the neighbour might have every right to complain. Legally, maybe not neighbourly. 

Noise complaints are nothing unusual. In fact, it’s one of the most common reason for disputes between neighbours. (That, and overhanging tree branches, but that’s another story). It is even recommended that you write a letter to the neighbour, stating your concerns, so you can explain your reasons and work on a suitable solution. 

You can even report a noisy exhaust in some states, such as to the EPA in NSW

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If you have a problem in your neighbourhood, there are Neighbourhood mediation kits available online. 

If the noise complaint relates to loud music and parties you can instead contact the police. (Policelink on 131 444, not 000, unless things are getting out of control).

What would you think if you got a letter like this? Would you ignore it? Would you agree to park elsewhere?