This classic Aussie Falcon is every car-hoarding hubby's dream

The Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III is the centrepiece of the auction. Source: PIckles Auctions

For every long-suffering wife whose hubby’s been storing an old car in the garage for years, hope is at hand.

A car enthusiast is expected to pay more than A$500,000 (US$388,000) for an Aussie Ford Falcon GTHO that’s spent the past 30 years hidden under blankets in a Western Australian garage.

The car, which hasn’t even been started since 1982, is one of 60 fine vehicles that will go up for sale by Pickles Auctions at the end of October.

It has less than 70,000 miles (112,000 kilometres) on the clock, the original paintwork in ‘nugget gold’, and is one of what’s thought to be just 100 survivors of the model from the 1970s – just 18 were made in that specific colour, according to the Herald Sun‘s report.

Ken Grindrod from the Gosford Classic Car Museum called the car a “crazy” find of the kind of which car-sales legends are made,

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“We haven’t touched it. We haven’t even washed it. We had to start it to make sure it was running but that’s all,” he told the newspaper.

Steve Allen from Pickles Auctions reckons the $500,000 estimate is realistic given the amount of interest already shown in the car, but that bidding could go even higher.

“There’s interest because it was a genuine ‘barn’ find,” he says.

Do you have an old car in the garage that you’re keeping for sentimental reasons?