The crazy reasons dashboard cameras are creating viral videos

Dash Cam footage.
You can't help but cringe at the actions of these drivers caught on dash cam. Source: Youtube / Car Crash & Road Rage.

A device installed inside your car is making viral videos on the internet, and you could be part of the reason.

A dash cam is simply a camera mounted onto your dashboard that looks through the vehicles windscreen and records what it can see. What is often sees is the stupid actions of drivers. 

These cheap devices are useful for lots of reasons. They can be evidence in the instance of a car accident for starters. If you leave them running while you are not in you car they may show evidence of vandalism or car park crashes too. It can be a great way of documenting a road trip too, with visions of the wonderful landscape as you drive along. They have often captured unexpected events, such as lightning strikes and yes, some of those unexpected events are simply due to the stupidity of others. 

In some countries they are popular for guarding against insurance fraud and against police corruption, or those with regular instances of road rage. In other countries they are more often for amusement. With some selling for under $100, why not?

Here’s some examples of mind-boggling dash cam footage so you can see for yourself why these gadgets have been so popular.

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WARNING! you might want to turn the sound down! There’s language warnings with most of them, but you will soon understand why!

Do you have a dash cam? Have you captured anything memorable on it?