New technology that means you'll never lose car keys again

Car keys.
Is the car key soon going to be a thing in the past?

How many times have you turned the house upside down looking for your car keys?

What about accidentally locking them inside your car and needing to call for roadside assistance?

With the constant updates in technology these problems are certainly going to be in the past.

There’s already keyless cars, using a special remote button, but what to you think about using an app on your phone instead?

Bosch Australia has developed a new digital smart key. Called Perfectly Keyless, the technology will enable you to unlock and lock the car as well as start the engine.

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You do need to get a digital lock fitted in your car to enable it to work but the bonus is you don’t need to get extra keys cut. You can add extra authorised users to the app, and even dictate when and where it can be used. You can just as easily deactivate it online too, if you happen to really lose your phone. 

If you are the forgetful type when it comes to locking your car, this will save going back to check. Once you’ve moved more then two metres away from the car it will automatically lock, and you’ll get a notification on your phone. 

It’s still a few years before it will be ready for retail development but it’s certainly going to be a big change when it happens. 

Instead of going where’s my car keys it will be where’s my phone? But who doesn’t already do that anyway?

Would you like to try this technology or do you prefer to hold on to your keys?