How you can avoid paying road tolls

Bob Jarvis.
Bob Jarvis believes he's found a way to avoid paying road tolls.

A Sydney man has come out to share the way he avoids paying his road tolls.

In a story that sounds almost like a scene from The Castle, Bob Jarvis says tolls breach the constitution. 

Talking to Seven News the retiree said the government had created a new form of currency for toll payments that was not valid, and accused them of double dipping.

‘You can only collect a debt in gold and silver, there’s no basket to throw money in anymore, that’s when I stopped paying tolls,” he said. 

Rather than have a basket where you throw in your coins all in Australia now operate on a cashless system, utilising electronic tags placed inside a vehicle. For occasional visitors you can pay over the phone. Road tolls around Australia cost anywhere from 33 cents to over $6. Some tolls are based on the distance travelled.

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While Jarvis continued to drive on toll roads, despite not having an e-tag, he’s just refused to pay fines he’s received, and now says they’ve stopped chasing him for the money.

“I’ve already paid my road toll in petrol excise and they’re double dipping by charging a toll.”

Jarvis even wants them to take him to court so he can prove he is right, but he’s said they won’t as they will lose the case.

“Everybody could get away with it if everybody wanted to.”

What do you think? Is he right, or he is doing the wrong thing?

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