Fair or not? Debate over angry note left on woman's car window

A letter was left inside the door of someone's car.

A woman has shared her shock after returning to her car to find a furious letter branding her an “a**hole” – and it was all over how she had parked.

Jo Clarke, from Auckland, had parked up outside a popular shopping centre in Takapuna, but returned a short time later to find someone had typed out a note on a piece of white card, and tucked it inside the driver’s side window.

According to the New Zealand Herald, it read: “Thanks for parking so close. Next time leave a f***ing can opener so I can get out. A**holes like you should take the bus.”

Clarke said she had ensured she was parked between the lines, and even reversed into the space three times to make sure. She thought the card was an advert after first spotting it, but was left stunned when she read it. However, she insisted she found it more amusing than threatening.

“I was just more surprised someone had typed cards on hand waiting for someone to cross them,” she told the publication. “No one has ever called me an a**hole before so I thought that was quite empowering and funny.”

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The stunned driver admitted she’s surprised someone had gone to the trouble to type out cards, awaiting an incident such as this. The identity of the stranger remains unknown. While Jo wasn’t too bothered by the incident, some have said it’s the person who wrote the note who has the real issues. 

Whether or not Jo did do a dodgy parking job almost seems irrelevant given the aggressive nature of the note. 

It’s not the first time shocked social media users have shared angry letters they’ve received. It comes just months after a Perth service technician, Luke, was branded a “filthy pig” in an angry note from his neighbour, all over the state of his lawn.

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In the written letter, the neighbour described his garden as a “disgrace”, before claiming Luke should be “ashamed” by it. However, Luke later revealed he’d barely been at home, as he had been supporting his girlfriend after her father sadly passed away.

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The letter, published by the Sydney Morning Herald, read: “Let me just start by saying that each morning when I drive out of [street name], I face your property and you are obviously not a gardener.

“Your property is a disgrace and you should be ashamed. The people who had the property before you had that garden looking immaculate. Haven’t you got any self pride. I can only imagine what the interior of the house is like.

“You are an embarrassment to your neighbourhood. You are obviously renting as an owner would conduct regular upkeep of their property. What a filthy pig!!”

Luke was inundated with support from people who pointed out the person who wrote the note wasn’t being very neighbourly and perhaps needed to work on their own manners before having a go at others. 

Do you think this letter was a step too far? Or fair?

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