The amazing stuff you can buy from vending machines these days

Gumball vending machine.
Vending machines have come along way since these were in our corner stores.

Who can remember putting a coin in the gumball machine at the local corner store? What about giving the kids two bob and seeing what little treasures they’d uncover from a toy-capsule vending machine?

Time has sure moved on. You can buy so many things from a vending machine these days – not just soft drinks or junk food, but champagne, the latest DVDs, books, hot meals, and even a new pair of Havaianas thongs or high heels.

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Japan is particularly keen on vending machines, with the handy kiosks dispensing everything from umbrellas to neckties and floral arrangements.

But would you consider buying a car? The US and Singapore have car vending machines, and now China is looking to follow suit.

In Singapore, customers, located on the ground floor, select a car to inspect via a tablet. The Automotive Inventory Management System has an elevator system that then delivers the cars from a storage location to potential customers just a few minutes later.

The first car vending machine was launched in Nashville, Tennessee, just two years ago.

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The company responsible, called Carvana, now has its car vending machines in four locations in the US. With their option, you can search online for your choice of car, then either get the vehicle home-delivered or go for the vending machine option. For an authentic experience you even get an oversized Carvana coin to drop in the slot.

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What is the point, you may ask? Carvana said customers preferred not to have to go through all the sales talk dealing with a car salesperson usually involved. Carvana does have reps on site if you are looking for help, but you won’t get the hard word from someone aiming to get a commission.

Would you ever buy a car this way? What strange thing can you remember buying from a vending machine?