Miracle grandchildren: The little people we never thought would come into our lives

All my daughter wanted, after 10 happy years of marriage, was a child of her own. She had watched her

All my daughter wanted, after 10 happy years of marriage, was a child of her own. She had watched her husband’s brother and sister’s children grow up and she wanted a baby too. Being a parent of three myself, I could absolutely understand why she wanted to – I loved having children and knew she would make a great mother. All of that was well and good but when it came to getting pregnant, it was not at all easy.

Lily and my son-in-law tried naturally for a year, before contacting their doctor and seeing multiple fertility experts. Her husband’s sperm count was low and she had polycystic ovaries – not ideal for making a baby, especially in your mid-30s.

They began IVF, which is definitely not as easy as putting an egg in your womb. It was absolutely torturous for my poor daughter. No one talks about the enormous pain a woman will feel, not just mentally but physically. My daughter would wake up with hot sweats, headaches and excruciating pain. She would go through an ultrasound scan where they inject dye into your fallopian tubes to check they are not blocked. All of that and you’re still no where near pregnant. The egg transfer is not pleasant, and either are the constant needles.

Then there’s the waiting. You wait and wait for the appointments and injections and tests and scans. After the first round of IVF, my daughter found out she was pregnant. We were so excited! But it was not to be – she lost the baby 7 weeks later. I held her hand through it all but let me tell you, it was so exhausting sometimes I felt like telling her to give up, but I never did.

The IVF continued and it was getting more expensive as time went on. Third time’s a charm, as they say, and my beautiful daughter finally got her wish: she was pregnant again!

It wasn’t the dream pregnancy you hear of, with many hospital visits and a lot of worry. At 22 weeks Lily had some excruciating pain and we’d thought we’d lost the baby, but it turned out to be appendicitis.

I’ve never felt a relief and happiness like the day my granddaughter was born after years of sadness, grief, anger and worry. She was perfect.

Talking at the hospital to other mothers and grandparents, I realised how common it was to have issues with conception and also to have a sick baby. My heart goes out to everyone who has had a miracle grandchild as God knows what we’ve been through.

Tell us, do you have a miracle grandchild?

  1. Janet iffinger  

    Our twin granddaughters are from I VF and we only found out later all the nasty side effects that my poor daughter had. If there was one to be had, she had it. She and her husband are wonderful parents after all the heartbreak and pain.

  2. MMTwo of my granddaughters are the miracles we never thought we would have. My daughter and her husband went through all the pain, distress and agony of the above article during 6 rounds of IVF with loss and heartbreak. After the 6th attempt an MRI was performed and due to Adenomiosis her womb was 3.9cms thick instead of the normal 3.9mm and she was never going to be able to carry a baby.

    After the disappointment of the 6th failed IVF attempt, I saw the upset on their faces so, knowing nothing about it, I started to research surrogates in Australia. Of course I soon discovered that going down that path was never going to materialise as paid surrogacy in Australia is illegal and in some states there is a jail term involved. I then investigated further and discovered a clinic in Bangkok. My daughter and husband weren’t so open to this suggestion as it was too soon after their disappointment.

    I found a lady from Australia who had a recent post on a Huggies website announcing that her twins were due to be born about 5 weeks from then and she had contact details. I rang her and chatted and she was involved with a really good clinic and specialist in Bangkok. I then arranged for my daughter to speak with this lady. She did so and became a bit interested. her husband was skeptical and didn’t want to know. Anyway, they finally flew to Bangkok in April 2012 and had eggs and sperm taken and implanted into a 23 year old surrogate. Weeks went by but we were informed of every scan and small detail and ‘success’. Sabai, (means happy in Thai), our little miracle, was born in January 2013. She’s just turned 3 and delightful.

    During the next year and a half they flew to Thailand 4 more times but had no success using their frozen eggs or fresh eggs. As a last ditch effort my daughter asked the doctor to find a younger (around 23) surrogate. They did find one and more success. However, when the baby was 20 weeks in the womb, the Thai Military Government clamped down on surrogacy putting a lot of surrogate mothers and intending parents at risk. Our surrogate went ahead with the pregnancy but was forced to a hospital an hour and a half out of Bangkok as the major hospitals wiped their hand of surrogate baby births. Luckily all went went but not without much worry and nervousness wondering whether they could get their baby out of Thailand. The process is lengthy and costly but little Isara (Thai for freedom) was born in October 2014.

    We are so ever grateful to their ‘Tummy Mummies’ and they venture back to Bangkok whenever it is safe to visit them. Hoping to go again this July. These little miracles are the delight of our lives along with 3 other beautiful grandchildren from my other children too.

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