Millennials are baffled by this laundry staple

It turns out young people don't know much about laundry.

When it comes to technology and the modern world, there’s not much millennials don’t know. Ask them how to properly do a load of washing though and it seems they don’t have a clue!

New reports out today have revealed that companies making fabric softer are struggling with sales as millennials have no idea what it’s for or how to use it. Ha!

One company said they’ve seen a whopping 26 per cent drop in sales between between 2007 and 2015 on one of their most popular fabric softeners as the new generation isn’t forking out the cash.

So how did this happen? Most baby boomers were taught how to do laundry by their parents, who were taught by their parents before them.

Procter & Gamble communication director Damon Jones says this generation didn’t grow up helping their mothers with the washing as much as the older generations did – and they’re suffering from scratchy towels because of it!

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“Millennials … different than previous generations, didn’t grow up spending lots of time doing household chores or possibly didn’t see the product used at home with the frequency which prior generations experienced,” Mr Jones told News Corp.

In a bid to get through to the kids, companies have started using creative ways of teaching them about fabric softer and the luxury they’ve been missing out on ever since moving out of home – soft and plush laundry!

Apparently, having clean clothes isn’t enough to keep them interested so one brand went to the trouble of making this mesmerising video with a fancy camera.

Now we’ve seen it all!

Did you teach your children how to do the laundry? Do you still use fabric softener?