Melania Trump on the cover of… Vanity Fair Mexico!

In great entertainment, Vanity Fair Mexico has released their latest edition with Melania Trump eating pearls on the cover. Tasteless timing or a terrifically timed jibe?

Did Vanity Fair nail it with this cover’s timing or did they really mess up?

It seems like an awkward and antagonistic juxtaposition to see the new First Lady on the cover of Vanity Fair Mexico released today, in the same week her husband has confirmed with the US Executive that he will build a large and divisive wall between the USA and Mexico.
The confrontation between the two countries has lit huge concern for the Mexican economy, and seen a diplomatic crisis emerge of epic proportions and Trump-Mexico (rather than US/Mexico) relationship are said to be at a new low. But that didn’t stop Vanity Fair putting Mrs Trump on the cover egotistically positioned with a fork and a set of pearls!
In a country where poverty is the average standard of living, the magazine is raising uproar. The issue has produced a long interview with the First Lady that appeared in GQ last year, dishing up on “her (turbulent) family past, the tactics for dealing with her husband and how she plans to turn herself into the new Jackie Kennedy”.

“It’s a lack of sensitivity on the part of the publisher,” said Guadalupe Loaeza, a Mexican author and columnist. “I started reading this and I couldn’t finish. I didn’t want to know anything about the wife of our country’s No 1 enemy.”

The twitter outrage is pretty strong but we want to know what you think of the first lady eating jewels on the cover of Vanity Fair, and its timing.



  1. Tanner  

    This lady is beautiful AND she is the new 1st Lady, get over it!!

  2. Jenny  

    Great that Mexico has demonstrated that the Trumps are all ‘flash & trash’. Silly of Melania to agree to the photos but probably couldn’t resist being in the magazine and didn’t understand the underlying message. The Trumps don’t get the subtleties.

    • Joan Marshall  

      Jenny If the Trumps are flash and trash they could not have been any more trashy than Hillary and her partner in crime Bubba Bill. This fraudulent couple have got away with crime for too long. I hope we never see the likes of her again.

  3. Krystal  

    Once again, same anti- Trump bias! Mexico is not the enemy of the US! Does Australia agree with everthing the US does? Doesn’t make us the enemy of the US? As with a previous comment Trump is President. Get over it.

    • J Rose  

      Let’s hope then that China & Russia do not fill the breach in the trade agreements with us and othe Pacific nations he just withdrew from and economists say will have a negative impact on us, and all the other long term agreements with other countries he has or is say he will withdraw the US from. By the way, the article above says “diplomatic crisis emerge of epic proportions and Trump-Mexico (rather than US/Mexico) relationship are said to be at a new low” see where it says rather than US Mexico???

  4. marilyn flynn  

    why do all tRumps women look like barbie dolls?

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