Meet the world’s oldest cat, Corduroy

As all good cat owners will say, cats are the best, and tonight we have to agree! We admit to

As all good cat owners will say, cats are the best, and tonight we have to agree! We admit to be a little biased after seeing some pictures and hearing the story of the world’s oldest cat.

While you may have or have had a puss that has lived for 13 or 14 years, Corduroy is a whopping 26 years old.

He now holds the Guinness World Record title for being the oldest living cat and we have to give him credit: he looks very young for his age.

According to his owner Ashley Reed Okura, ol’ Corduroy was adopted from a shelter in 1989. He is a half Maine Coon cat and loves being outdoors.

“He is a wonderful companion and I hope to give him a happy and healthy life for many more years, ” she added.

On top of his outdoor escapades, Corduroy loves social media, and has amassed an impressive 13,000 followers on Instagram.

“I set up Corduroy’s Instagram on August 13 last year – the same day Guinness World Records graciously announced his claim to the record of oldest living cat”, said his owner.

He also has Snapchat and Facebook and the reaction has been really positive.

“I do my best to update his followers and respond to messages and special requests”.

So what is the secret to the puss’s longevity?

“I strongly believe the key to his longevity is the fact we did not declaw him and allowed him to go outside,” said Reed to BoredPanda.

“Corduroy certainly does not act his age – he still jumps onto counters and jumps down.

“Every night, he glides up our flight of stairs and jumps onto our bed and sleeps with us before waking us up every morning around 5am.

“It is an honour to have Corduroy in our life, I honestly don’t remember much of my life without him”.

Very sweet.

Do you have a pet like Corduroy who has outlived many others?


Happy #caturday 💙

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“Let me out, mom.” – Corduroy #thelook #catlove #sircorduroy

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  1. My cat, Cassidy, is only 16, but he has beaten the odds of cancer, first diagnosed when he was six. His right-hand front leg is shortened due to surgery to excise what could be removed of the tumours, so he has a decided limp. But he is a social cat, very vocal and loves to be part of the conversation, and he is a favourite of many of our neighbours. We never expected him to make old bones, but he has proved us wrong. I suspect it’s because he can always find a friendly neighbour to hang out with.

  2. Lee Ellis  

    My dear Chutney was 16 this week. Although not as spry as she was, she loves to lay in the sun, eats well & is the boss where the other three are concerned. She is a special old gal !

  3. Owen Pontin  

    My friend Kirsty had a cat called Bimmy who lived to the age of 26 years. We had no papers to prove our claim. A beautiful animal and a sad day when we had to put her down.

  4. Emma my Siamese cat was euthanised one month off 23 years.this last November 12 months ago. Always attended the vet for vaccinations so there was a record of her age. She was not sick but just too old and her organs started to close down. She spent several days with the Vet but because her organs were closing down from old age, there was nothing anyone could do for her. She had a wonderful spoilt life and sadly missed.

  5. Joanne  

    Had a ‘stray’ who lived to 211/2. He was SO handsome! Gray with big, beautiful yellow eyes. He loved having a bath!
    I miss him daily.

    Now have a Siamese, who’s just 4, & VERY cheeky!

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