Marvellous March: Eclipse month!

March brings both a solar and lunar eclipse, telling us change is in the air. Any time an eclipse occurs,

March brings both a solar and lunar eclipse, telling us change is in the air. Any time an eclipse occurs, there’s the potential for powerful transformation in our lives. It’s the opportunity for progressive advancement and an occasion to ignite positive renewal. This eclipse month gives us the chance to take situations into our own hands and make changes that are necessary for our advancement.

Eclipses occur when the Sun, Moon and Earth come into alignment, and denote times of important change. Be it personal or world events, these stellar occasions reveal areas requiring attention, adjustment, re-working or releasing in order for us to move forward with greater passion and purpose. Eclipses challenge us to be more conscious of our thoughts, aware of our actions and mindful of what we are doing with our lives. As we change our focus, our outlook and world changes also.

On the 5th, Mercury, the planet ruling communications, moves into the sign of Pisces. This prompts us to honour our sensitivity and encourage our inner creative muse. Our thoughts and expressions are now more sensitive, intuitive, and spiritually focused. This marks a new cycle of empathy and greater appreciation of our imaginations, visual sense and meditative mindset. We are more responsive to gentler, kinder, sympathetic, connections and in turn we reach out with greater love and supportive expression to those we care about.

On the 6th, Mars, representing our energies and actions, moves into Sagittarius. We are now encouraged to be mindful of what brings us joy in life. Consider your daily doings and figure out what encourages smiles and what stresses you out! This new cycle of activation brings greater ability to find more pleasure while letting go of what holds us back. We can embrace our unfettered spirits now, looking to the future with more confidence, inspiration and inner certainty. Now is the time to consider where you can use more possibility thinking and energised action in your life!

Venus goes into Pisces on the 12th. Romantic, intuitive and creative energy draws us together now. Our connections with others open us up to greater feelings of beauty, imagination and inspiration. Look for commonalities rather than differences when facing any conflict with others. If we are gentle with ourselves and one another we can embrace a greater understanding of our similarities and strengths and what makes us One.

A New Moon in Pisces / Total Solar Eclipse occurs on the 9th! This important day brings the opportunity to renew our beliefs – about ourselves and our world. Greater intuitive, spiritual and creative energies emerge to assist us in moving forward with our dreams. For the next few weeks the stage is set for strengthening our sympathetic and empathic natures. More artistry and creative expression can be brought forward as we revitalise ourselves, using more of our imagination and feeling natures. The total solar eclipse strongly emphasises the Pisces New Moon energy, signalling a new spiritual focus, encouraging shifts in our lives and bringing to light new truths that we can then translate into power for positive change.

The Equinox occurs as the Sun shifts into Aries on the 20th. The change of seasons marks a great occasion to initiate new projects, release fears or doubts and take on new endeavours! As we find ourselves at a time of the year where we celebrate equal night and day, we are encouraged to seek more balance within our lives also. Greater courage can be felt now as we overcome challenges that have previously held us back. Our braver and more pioneering spirits can emerge, moving forward with fearless energy!

On the 22nd Mercury moves out of Pisces and into Aries. Go forward now with ambitious plans while feeling greater confidence in your unique self expression! Your strongly-felt opinions, unique ideas and forthright communications will be better received and appreciated. You’re encouraged now to highlight your independent spirits and shine in your own right – let nothing hold you back! Don’t be afraid to assert yourself in areas you believe strongly in. Say β€œYES!” to new possibilities offered you now.

The 23rd brings a Full Moon in Libra / Lunar Eclipse. This turbo-charged Full Moon helps us seek greater balance in what we do and those we connect with. It prompts us to consider relationships of all types, as they serve as a mirror, reflecting how we view ourselves. Think about the balance needed between being a giver and being a taker, being free and being dependent, being a leader and being a follower. This is your call to relinquish past hurts, judgment of others and You/Me issues. Illuminate where harmony is needed now for greater healing, encouraging positive change to manifest!

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  1. Astronomy and Astrology all together. We men don’t approve.

  2. the universe is an inanimate object, it cannot project a fate to any individual, unless it’s a catastrophic one, it has no mind and it cannot reason, the only power that can change your life is you.

    • Gail Riley  

      Never thought of it in that way before…but you’re absolutely right!!

    • Fred, you are correct. But with the help of the moon cycles they say the Energy on certain days helps you to concentrate & work on ‘changing your life’. Some people just expect it.

    • I can see that you are blessed with intelligence higher than most other people Fred πŸ‘πŸΌ

    • Jill Newby I’m going to copy and paste that to my wife’s page thanks.

    • Fred Avey good on you Fred , I’m sure she is aware of how blessed she is πŸ˜‚

    • Julie Johnson there is a single power in the universe that not only formed it, but controls it today and will till the universe ceases to exist, it is also responsible for human beings and how they are, that power is gravity. Astrology is superstition as is divinity. the problem with science is , regardless of weather you believe it or not, it is true.

    • Zagurbex to Earthlings, Zagurbex to Earthlings. Don’t listen to Fred. We repeat. Don’t listen to Fred.

  3. Some people may believe this stuff. Eclipses, solar or lunar, are an astronomical phenomenon only.

  4. March is always a special month,in a weeks time I married the most wonderful man and it will be 37 years married to him and we have two wonderful sons.What more could I ask for.

    • Congratulations and all best wishes to you and your wonderful man on your Anniversary Rae Bryant! πŸ™‚ May years of continued happiness, health and abundance come your way! Blessings <3 πŸ™‚ <3

    • we were married 28th March which will bring up our 52 years and my parents were married on 2nd March and had a wonderful marriage.

    • Lyn Pride – congratulations to you as well! πŸ™‚ May joy, blessings and best wishes follow you both for many years to come! <3 πŸ™‚ <3

  5. loretta  

    Every one has a free will and can believe what they wish but will say, i believe the Universe has a higher power within, also Lyn Pride surely you were born a Pieces,Taurus,Gemini Leo or one of the other signs , thats part of Astrology ,i would be very interested in knowing how you came into this world with out a date of birth ,thats part of Astrology, it all depends where the planets are when we are born that makes our star sign and no not trying to be smart i am honestly interested in how you came into this world with out being one of the 12 star signs?????

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