Marriage equality: Where do you stand?

Marriage equality is a contentious topic and this week there has been discussion about when we will actually vote for

Marriage equality is a contentious topic and this week there has been discussion about when we will actually vote for it.

The group “Marriage Alliance”, who are well known for their opposing stance on gay marriage, posting a provocative piece on their Facebook page.

This was brought to the public’s attention by MP Tim Watts who spoke out in Parliament about the very controversial photo of a woman with a rainbow coloured noose around her neck captioned “Marriage Equality empowers political correctness”. It’s easy to see why this could offend on many different levels.

#MarriageEquality empowers political correctness. Unpopular opinions about marriage and gay rights will threaten the job security of employees.Same Sex Marriage is not worth the damage.

Posted by Marriage Alliance on Wednesday, 3 February 2016

By posting this picture, “Marriage Alliance” is promoting that “unpopular opinions about marriage and gay rights will threaten the job security of employees”.

For anyone who knows anything about The Fair Work Act and unfair dismissal laws that govern Australia, they would know that simply having an opinion is not grounds for being fired. If their beliefs are voiced in a way that is harmful to another employee it becomes more serious and dismissal becomes a possibility.

So what is the government doing to protect the rights of the gay community?

Malcom Turnbull has agreed to call for a plebiscite to be held as a way to appease party conservatives as part of Tony Abbott’s decision made prior to the losing the position as Prime Minister.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten has said “People don’t understand why there has to be $160 million wasted on an opinion poll merely because 100 Liberal MPs can’t make up their minds”.

He has also said “95 per cent of Labor MPs would vote for gay marriage and, with votes in favour from coalition MPs, the Greens and crossbenchers, a Bill was certain to pass.”


There is no news yet as to when the vote will go to the public, however the most recent poll shows 76 per cent of Australians agree with same sex marriage.

We want to know what you think about this latest development? Are you for or against marriage equality?

  1. We vote for these Politicians to make the decisions for us, each Politician should be talking to their electorates, $160 million for a plebiscite is a waste of taxpayers money if as some Liberal Politicians have already said they will ignore the results because it is not binding. In my opinion this plebiscite is attempt to stall the issue. Marriage equality will not affect my life in anyway, how many pensioners would $160 million pay?

    • HS  

      Approximately 7,098 pensioners

  2. What an incredible waste of money a plebiscite will be if the out come won’t be honoured by some politicians. To me it is simple if you don’t like gay marriage don’t marry a gay. As for the Christian lobby crying out that marriage is the invention of their religion or God, rubbish, marriage is older than Christianity and marriage is not unique to Christianity now.

    • a plebicite is just an expensive Australia wide poll, it is an effort to buy the gay vote and after the election, if The Liberals win the results will just vanish..never to be heard of again

    • Do you realise how stupid your statement “if you don’t like gay marriage don’t marry a gay” really is? Only a gay person would be interested in another gay. ….which is the crux of the matter. It’s not about random people seeking to marry a gay person!!

    • Janice D’Ambra so true , there are some really stupid comments .
      And you can see how many people think we should just do as we are told . So many bullies .

    • Janice D’Ambra of course that is the entire point, it is only of any consequence to gays so it is irrelevant to straight people if it occurs or not. How will it impact on a straight person if two gays marry.

    • Carolyn Brown The real bullies are those who want to prevent gays from marrying. Even though it doesn’t affect them in the slightest.

    • Exactly right Barbara. It’s all a to do about nothing -apart from religious nonsense. It’s inevitable anyway, so why not just do it and gay couples can celebrate their weddings in Australia, instead of spending their money in NZ…

    • I have to say that I think a few people are using the term ‘bully’ incorrectly here. Someone, anyone, with a differing point of view to your own is not a ‘bully’. I think we all need to accept that not every person is able to agree with the point of view on every topic of every other person. Maybe we all need to listen a little more carefully to the views of others.(there is a possibility we may learn something) We do not have to agree, but at least listen, try and see where others are coming from. We are not obliged to agree, and are certainly not ‘bullies if we don’t agree. By the way, I also consider a plebiscite a huge waste of money.

    • Janice D’Ambra don’t be obtuse. What Barbara and anyone else is saying by such a statement is, if it doesn’t affect you, stay out of it. Civilization hasn’t collapsed in countries where equal marriage rights are granted.

    • Barbara Easthope …absolute key point….it doesn’t effect anyone who is not gay….so why should we judge what is right or wrong .when it has no effect on us…..I don’t understand what all the fuss is about!!!…..There is absolutely no harm done to anyone,only the chance to make gay couples happy!!!

    • HS  

      From what I read in history books the Greek Spartans had a separate large army comprised only of homosexuals…

      • Susan Bell  

        Ancient Greeks, Spartans and Romans all had young men as their lovers. It was totally expected and accepted in ancient societies. Even the ancient Babylonians had male lovers. These relationships sometimes lasted for decades. The great roman Hadrian so loved his companion that when he died Hadrian built a city in his name (Antanopolis) sorry cannot remember correct spelling, and was looking to create a religion for his memory and to counteract those pesky Christians.

    • Carolyn Brown it will not affect your life one iota if same sex marriage is passed. It will just make a whole lot of people in the world much happier and make our country a fairer place in which to live. After all, do you realise that John Howard only changed the law in 2004 to “a man and a woman”? It was not that before. What do you mean do as you’re told? No one is asking you to do anything. It’s the law that needs to be changed and it has nothing to do with any of us particularly.

  3. If two people wish to live together and share their lives just do it. Leave the definition of marriage alone. There is obviously a hidden agenda here. The detail is very carefully concealed. Why do we need to change things that are working? Leave well alone!

    • There MUST be legalities put in place so that two same gender people can have the same outcomes the rest of us enjoy. A recent gay couple were holidaying in South Australia, one of them suffered an unfortunate accident and died. Although they were legally married according to British laws, South Australia did not recognise their union – the survivng partner was given no say in how the body was to be treated, was unable to sign any papers etc – a total disgrace! No the system is not “well” at all!

      • HS  

        When in ‘Rome live like the Romans do’…and obey the Law. If you want the law to be changed then turn to the Legislators of the Law…Your local state and federal MP is the first and last ‘cab of the rank’. If they don’t support your views then…don’t vote for them…

    • Ally Morgan Any two people can have legal documents drawn up if they so desire. Just leave the definition of marriage alone and for that matter the Australian Constitution.

      • HS  

        Exactly. Why not a legally drawn up Partnership Agreement defining each partners responsibilities, inheritance and rights etc. The word ‘marriage’ is like a cage for the bird that you intend to have locked up in for the length of your pleasure except when the bird or the owner want out it costs an arm and a leg to do so, enriching solicitors, barristers, the judicial courts and pissing off each party because of all the defaming allegations that go with a divorce. Sure, the word marriage for same sex couples has some benefit for social welfare, adoption of children etc, but is it really worth fighting over for so you can fight with each other like ‘cat and dog’ when it comes to a divorce? Why not play it smart and set up a bond of ‘walk-in walk-out’ subject to a specified legal agreement?

        • HS  

          …that goes for heterosexuals too..the ending should so much more simpler and not so costly as it is today!

    • No, no, no! Any two people should not HAVE to have legal documents drawn up. Those legalities should be available to ALL……

    • Ally Morgan thank goodness S.A. are now working to change this, it should never have happened. My heart went out to the young man who who was left a widower on his honeymoon.

  4. A huge waste of taxpayers money having a plebiscite the govt will still do what they want not what the voters want. Marriage equality is between 2 people not a whole country everybody is different everybody’s ideas are different, if couples are happy together let it be no matter if it is a man and woman, a man and man, a woman and woman, happiness should be paramount nothing more nothing less

  5. Marriage is a social nicety apparently relating to a public showing of love n commitment……. god can’t stop this event AND religion or marriage of any kind doesn’t stop reproduction of any kind……we all need to look around us n just CARE about others with different lifestyles…..keep voting for equality

    • What right do we have to tell someone else who to want to marry? I have several gay friends and if they choose to marry they should be allowed to marry. This is a free world. We are told in this free world how to work, how to live, what we should and should not do. This should not be the case. If what we do in our own lives has no adverse affect on others, then we should do it. Those who say God would not condone it, what rubbish. How do you know, if there is a God mind, what God would condone. I’m sure a modern, loving God would want everyone to be happy. Any Christian who believes God is for all people would agree, surely. After all, God made the world and the people in it didn’t he? Therefore he would have made the gay community too. It’s not a little club that someone made up and you join. As for the government, get over yourselves, legalise it and keep up with the universe you selfish, self righteous SOBs. My opinion.

  6. I look forward to the day when my son can marry, if he so chooses, without the interference of “Christian” people into his private life. Having said that, I do not believe churches should be made to undertake marriage ceremonies by law, that would be hypocritical. A change to the wording of the Marriage Act is all that is required by Parliament to ensure equal rights, not wasting money on a plebiscite.

  7. I think if you find love in this world with a consenting adult you are blessed…no it wont affect me but I will show unconditional love to all.

  8. Why why why, are we still talking about this, and a plebiscite will not change that. It’s just another bloody excuse for POLITICIANS to WASTE money and what a huge waste of money it is. As I’m not gay, gay marriage will not affect my life nor anyone else who is not gay, so what the hell are you all afraid of. Have you ever asked yourself that question? Because the answer is absolutely nothing and we are all equal in my mind however there are plenty of people who think they are above everyone else.

    • $160 of vote buying Trish, the after the election we will never hear of it again a Plebiscite is no more binding than a poll

    • I agree David, and the same people will get sucked in by election promises as they do at every election. Some people just can’t think for themselves, it’s such a pity.

  9. The vast majority of surveys done over the years clearly state that people are for marriage equality why do we need to waste more money on a plebiscite that will give us the same result

  10. I think the plebiscite is a waste of money, just do it and be done with it. I can see why religions don’t agree with it, but lots of couples have non church weddings so the church’s can stick to their beliefs without stopping gays from joining in marriage. I personally feel if it was called a union instead of a marriage it would ease a lot of knockers minds and still be a legal binding for the couples.

  11. Ok if the churches are against marriage equality how about we use the money the pay in taxes to give their side of the argument. What? No taxes? Really? Any wonder they are against any sort of equality. No they didn’t invent marriage. They just applied their own rules.

  12. For heavens sake, are these ACL reprobates still rabbiting on about this? How about if they started protesting about something that would help us instead of their own narrow bigoted views!

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