Making a beautiful doily table runner
By Rebecca WilsonIn CraftsOn Saturday 4th Nov, 2017

Making a beautiful doily table runner

For a long time we’ve been inspired by crafts that bring our beloved nostalgic doilies to life.  And these table runners have certainly got us fascinated.  If you have a pile of old doilies in the cupboard they seem like the perfect project.  


  1. Iron your doilies, spraying them with starch to make their edges splay properly. Repeat until they are still.  
  2. Put them on some craft paper, laying them out in the perfect planned shape, and spray them with adhesive. 
  3. Then stitch them together from the underside using hand stitching, leave long edges.  This will ensure that as you machine sew them you make the shape come together
  4. Machine stitch the connections between the doilies




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