Make your pantry look organised and clean with these 9 tricks

Do you ever look into you pantry a few days after a grocery shop and wonder where all your food

Do you ever look into you pantry a few days after a grocery shop and wonder where all your food has gone? Do you ever find it had to locate a packet or some food because everything is so disorganised?

A lot of people have this issue and may never have considered a labelling system or even individualised baskets or storage solutions.

Luckily you don’t have to look forward to get help – we have found some awesome tricks that will assist you and make your pantry look clean and

1. Create a labelling system

Labels are a great way to help you organise your kitchen. You can even put the labels on the tops of jars so that when you store them in a drawer, you can see everything easily. 

2. Storing garlic and onions


If you have a bamboo steamer, use it to store garlic and onions. It’s a tidy way to store them, plus they’re well-ventilated and will keep them fresher for longer.

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3. Use paper clips or pegs for storing bags


Isn’t this a great idea? A small tension rod across the top of your pantry will help store numerous packets. 

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4. A magazine holder for can storage


Instead of putting cans in a corner or on their own shelf, use a magazine holder! These can be stored vertically and are great for multiple cans of the same thing. 

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5. Hang a shoe organiser

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The back of your door is wasted space! Put little sachets and other bits and bobs in a shoe organiser.

6. Store Snacks in a Fish Bowl


Make snacks easier to access and keep sorted by storing them in a fish bowl.

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7. Use labelled containers to create more space and make everything easier to access

8. Use wicker baskets to store smaller items

9. Racks are great for utilising door space

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Pantry before and after

  1. TG  

    Some good tips. My pantry used to just have three shelves, all too far apart and all very deep. I got in a cabinetmaker, and discussed my needs. He designed and built a brand new pantry in the space I had. It has six drawers of different depths and a couple of very high shelves.

    Many basics are now in Moccona jars etc which keeps things fresh. The top of the jar is labelled. When I open the drawer I can see what I have. The bottom drawer is very deep for tall items. Two other drawers fit the largest Moccona jars, while another fits the smaller ones. A spice drawer at a suitable height has a series of slanted shelves. All my spices, food colourings and flavours are stored alphabetically and are easy to find. The top drawer is too high for regular use but is a great place to store empty containers, and things I have bought on special but won’t need to use for a while. The very high shelves contain eskies, protable gas cooker and other little used items.

    I love it. If you are getting a whole new pantry, consider shelves, designed exactly to your needs.

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