Make the most of your tiny wardrobe with these space saving tricks

Do you ever hear about other peoples’ amazing wardrobes and think, gee I wish I had a walk-in one too?

Do you ever hear about other peoples’ amazing wardrobes and think, gee I wish I had a walk-in one too? Don’t worry, not everyone has this luxury. Many of us are just getting by with our little closets and as the years go on, we struggle to squeeze anything into our wardrobe.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! There are many smart ideas that can help make the most of a small space.

1. Throw, keep or sell


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First thing’s first, take everything out of your wardrobe and drawers. Then divide into piles according to what you want to throw out, keep or sell. You may also want to store some of the things you keep if they’re seasonal. This should free up a decent amount of space.

2. Put rods in blank space

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If you have extra space in your wardrobe in a corner, why not make use of it? You can buy tension rods from hardware stores and then hang up items.

3. Hanging storage + boxes + shelves + lighting


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This organised wardrobe consists of a few clever ideas. This woman has put in hanging storage with her clothes so she can put her folded items in there.

4. Organise your strap tops

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If you have numerous strappy tops or singlets, you can organise them all on one hanger like so. 

5. Hang up multiple ties

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Instead of stashing them in a box or letting them take up a whole drawer, hang your ties on this hanger by using shower curtain rings.

6. Use permanent shelving to store foldable items and shoes

This is a more permanent solution for a smaller wardrobe! 

7. Create more closet space with soft drink tab

This is a great idea for a wardrobe with limited space. You can bunch similar items together by using just a simple ring pull on a soft drink can. Slide it over the coat hanger hook and then slide the hook of your other hanger into it. Easy!

8. Maximise door space by hanging a shoe organiser and storing any bits and pieces


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If you have a wardrobe door, you can use this space for storage too. Shoe organisers are great for little bits and pieces!


Tell us, how do you maximise space in your wardrobe?