Lynne’s wardrobe makeover

To reward valued members of the Starts at 60 community, we’ve been giving out $200 gift vouchers at Black Pepper. Our latest winner, Lynne Henderson, shared her favourite outfits from the experience:

This was the first outfit I tried on. I loved the pink – it went with the Navy Slim Line trousers.

Pink 1/2 zip Mt Fleece top (43704) – Sale Price $49.00 (RRP $79.95)

Roma slim line pants (BA4500) – Sale Price $49.00 (RRP $59.95)

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Because I was shopping at sale time, my $200 voucher actually went a long way – but sadly, it couldn’t cover this one. I found the denim trim of this very attractive. If it’s still there by my birthday next month, I am going to treat myself!

I have one of these weatherproof long line sleeveless vests in my wardrobe already. It is a most versatile item of clothing – perfect for travelling. I teamed it with black slim line trousers and a patterned top in beige, grey, black.

Calvagh top in shadow (43732) – Sale Price $49.00 (RRP $69.95)

Roma slim line pants (BA4500) – Sale Price $49.00 (RRP $59.95)

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Microfibre vest (43690) – Sale Price $69.00 (RRP $99.95)

This top was a definite purchase – I loved the softness and texture. I know I will get a lot of wear out of this as I relax with family, read, or slip outside to shop or check the mail.

The fit was great. Perfect to wear on cool days. The colour was ‘spa’, and this provided an aura of luxury.

Embossed sherpa jacket (43718) – Sale Price $59.00 (RRP $89.95)

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This top is same as last beige, grey and black version. I found the green print very pretty – a very smart look.

Calvagh top in pine (83732) – Sale Price $49.00 (RRP $69.95)

Roma slim line pants  (BA4500) – Sale Price $49.00 (RRP $59.95)

Microfibre vest (43690) – Sale Price $69.00 (RRP $99.95)

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This red suede-touch jacket was another must-buy. It had a dash of stretch. I thought it looked a bit flash!

I can see myself wearing this at parties or special occasions with the black trousers I already have in my wardrobe.

Oxley zip jacket (83745) – Sale Price $69.00 (RRP $109.00)

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This very comfortable top would make a great outfit for flying. I am heading to Manilla at end of the month and I thought this outfit perfect for sitting in on a plane for an extended period of time.

Tahoe Polo Top (43681) in Pine – Sale Price $39.00 (RRP $79.95)Limited stock available – in store only.

This winter outfit was great for keeping the body warm but not too restricted by clothing. This vest is a cropped version of the other longer line vest.

Abella Print Top (43771) in Red – Sale Price $29.00 (RRP $69.95) Limited stock available – in store only.

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Overall, I had a wonderful experience. I have since signed up as a member of Black Pepper so I can enjoy the discount voucher for my birthday. I’m also look forward to the upcoming summer range of cropped pants – a very nice line!

Which of these gorgeous outfits is your favourite?