Love conquers all: How one couple overcame memory loss together

This is a true love story! Bob and Gloria met at a young age and began writing letters to each
Via OWN (YouTube)

This is a true love story! Bob and Gloria met at a young age and began writing letters to each other. Shortly after their meeting Bob served in the Vietnam War, but they continued to write letters and Bob signed them off “P.L.M.F” standing for “Please Love Me Forever”.

When he returned they married and had two beautiful daughters. As time passed the pair began to grow apart, being preoccupied with their careers and raising a family.

Then life took a devastating turn, Bob was in a terrible car accident which caused severe damage to both his body and mind.

“He broke every rib that he had. There was [sic] bones that went in and actually punctured both lungs and his heart” Gloria revealed in an interview.

“I knew he had the type of injuries that most people don’t live through.”

Bob was in a coma for some time, but eventually he did wake up. Sadly, when Gloria and his daughters went to visit he did not recognise them.

“He grabbed my hand and he said to me, you’re my favourite nurse, you’re the only one that kisses me. And I realised, oh my god he doesn’t know who I am!” Gloria said.

For the next eight to ten years Gloria worked tirelessly to remind Bob of who they were and return him to his old self.

“I had to learn everything all over again. My ABC’s, 123’s, I knew nothing” Bob revealed.

Instead of returning to his old self, Bob decided to become his best self and eventually they fell in love all over again.

“He fought hard to be a caring husband,” said Gloria. The pair are now celebrating 42 years of marriage, and are more in love than ever. Woah!

What is your greatest love story?

Watch the video below to check out their incredible journey:


  1. We married very young, 18 and 19 respectively, against our parents’ wishes. We had a son after 16 months of marriage, followed by a daughter almost 3 years later. We travelled the world together, as my husband was in the Royal Air Force, and immigrated to Australia when he left the RAF after 22 years’ service. A few years after being here, my husband was diagnosed with bowel cancer; had two big operations and almost lost his life through contracting an infection. I sat at his bedside for many hours talking to him and his temperature finally went down and he “came round” and looked me straight in the eye and smiled…..such a wonderful moment.
    He subsequently had radiation and chemotherapy at the same time, but he insisted on going to work and being “normal”. His hair fell out in chunks, his skin turned dark, and he was very sick, but he soldiered on and even took our young grandson to the hospital while he had his treatment. Two years later the cancer spread to his liver and on Christmas Eve he was operated on to remove the tumours. Again, I sat by his bedside, not knowing the outcome, and again he woke up and gave me his wonderful smile and said “hello dolly bird” (his pet name for me). Through many more months of chemotherapy he was his usual loving self and he now has regular check-ups. I also had kidney cancer 7 years after my husband was first diagnosed. We embrace life, we love each other and our family. This is my (short) story of a very brave and loving husband. I just wish our parents were here to see us reach 52 years of married life in March.

    • Oh Christa ‘Dolly Bird’ Caldecott you’ve had it pretty tough, but I can see your love for each other has carried you through, it needs a brave heart to face the problems you both have encountered. Congrats for the 52nd Anny coming up and hope the medical situation improves so you can enjoy many more years together!!

    • Thank you Percy. We are both positive people and enjoy a jolly good laugh. The story is only the short version, but we came through it together and will face whatever life throws at us, just like others have to do. Love and hugs from “Dolly Bird”!!

  2. Oh what a lovely story ,,hope you are both ok,,,52years a long time,,,yes my dad was not happy when I married ex in law tried to break us up as he is 8 years older then me,,,were married last week 55 years and still going strong,,,bless you both ,,,

  3. Congratulations Johanna on 55 years of marriage. Yes, we are okay at the moment, thank you. Hope you have many more happy years together. Stay safe and well. Xx

  4. JAY  

    Congratulations to both ladies and their husbands Unfortunately my husband died 4 months before our 49th anniversary. Let us hope you have many more happy years ,and more importantly , times with your husbands.
    We never know how long we have

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