Looking for a political storm: Does Morrison really want Hockey's or Abbott's job?

The budget is arriving tomorrow in what looks to be a rather un-exciting haze of leaked media, and it seems the Today Show are not satisfied with this. In fact, if you were watching this morning, you could see the 6-week moratorium on Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey is clearly over, the media are getting bored and they want a leadership battle and a new person in the Treasurer’s seat and they’ve decided Scott Morrison might be good for either job it appears. Right across the media stories are trending about Scott Morrison, and when he appeared on the normally light Today Show this morning, Lisa Wilkinson was baying for blood.

Wilkinson took it upon her normally quite relaxed self to enlist war over breakfast on Social Services Minister, Scott Morrison accusing him of plumping for the Prime Ministerial role among a couple of other rather unfriendly accusations. In what started as a segment about mums and their subsidies being changed in the budget, Wilkinson attacked Morrison over and over again, asking him who’s decision was it to announce so much of the social services information out of it and leave Joe Hockey out of the spotlight in the lead up to the budget. She wanted to know why Morrison and Abbott were appearing together in media and press conferences and she just kept on asking when she didn’t get a suitably aggravating response.

The eight minute segment had everyone in our house staring at the screen calling out “leave the guy alone”, and “we don’t really care” and in fact makes you wonder about just how desperate the media is to “break” a story of politician in conflict with his team.

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Scott Morrison met the hysterical interviewer with rather elegant aplomb, as he has met the rest of media environment who has all day called upon him as the next Treasurer and speculated of Joe Hockey’s imminent demise.

It goes to show how much of a sense of humour you must have in politics in Australia. This afternoon, Mr Morrison retorted one suggestion by a journalist that he could be the next Treasurer with the comment “Abbott could make him an Astronaut as one way Mars trips don’t seem so silly now”.

Last week the journalists were calling for a double dissolution election should this budget go through as Bill Shorten and Tony Abbott drew level in the Newspoll – something no-one thought possible just weeks after he was a record lows. This week it’s abuzz about who we could scalp for Morrison.

Meanwhile, over on Sportsbet, the next Liberal Leader is still looking like Malcolm Turnbull should Tony Abbott decide to step out in front of the political bus.


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So tell us today, did you see Lisa Wilkinson get into Scott Morrison on TV this morning?

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