Looking back at the freedom of your first car

The freedom of your first car is almost indescribable. The rev the motor, the smell of the interior, the wind in your hair, the road ahead was going to be awesome!

During the week, we called out and asked what your first cars were…We got hundreds of responses so we worked out what were the most popular first cars in our community. Read on and see if your car was one of them. Tell us in the comments below, was it reliable? Or did it breakdown a lot? Can you share some funny stories about it with us?


The Austin 1100

Austin 1100

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The Morris 1100

Morris 1100

The Valiant

1972 Valiant

The Ford Customline

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Ford Customline

The FJ Holden

FJ Holden actual

The VW

1966 VW

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The Holden Sedan

FJ Holden

So what was your relationship with your first car? Was it reliable or was it a dud? What funny stories can you share with us today?