Why haven’t we been peeling post-it notes like this the whole time?

It sounds simple, surely there wouldn’t be more than one way to peel a post-it note? Well, turns out there

It sounds simple, surely there wouldn’t be more than one way to peel a post-it note?

Well, turns out there definitely is a right and a wrong way to do it and we had no idea!

Usually, when we write something on a post-it note we rip it off and stick it to a surface without a second thought. But don’t you hate it when the note doesn’t stick properly?

You end up having a note that is stuck down at one end and the other end (without the sticky residue) sticks up in the air so you can’t actually read what is written on the note.

This is how we usually do it:

  • Write note down.
  • Pinch the bottom of the note


  • In one swift motion pull the note upwards to remove it from the pack




  • Stick note down where it is needed


But, as you can see this leave the note sticking up so if I were sitting at my desk with the note next to me it would actually be pretty difficult to read it. Having them stick up also subjects them to being ripped off easily by accident.

Instead, this is how it should be done:

  • Write note down.
  • Start to peel the note off from the top corner (left or right doesn’t matter whatever suits you)


  • Peel the note off the pack sideways



  • Stick it down where it is needed.


Voila! You can see the difference between the two immediately.

How do you peel a post-it note?

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  1. Maggi  

    For Heavens Sake get that person a real job

  2. Angie B  

    Life is too short to worry about this!

  3. Derek  

    Which way round should one put Toilet roll on the holder ?
    With paper coming off roll clockwise or anticlockwise?

  4. Vicki Penniment  

    well I find this handy. just saying.

  5. Russell McMahon  

    Not only practically useful but also triggers similar ideas in related areas.
    Life’s too short to not know good “life hacks”, even small ones.

    As regards Derek’s comment on toilet paper:
    A: Situation variable.
    Hanging from the front is usually best BUT in our Loo-2 the not-yet-replaced-after-30-years holder jams the paper when hung that way so we mount it to feed from the wal side.
    Note to self: (Past) time to get a new toilet roll holder for Loo-.

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