The simplest weeding tool to save your garden and lower back!

Weeding can be a strenuous task, especially if you are like me and once you start you just can’t stop

Weeding can be a strenuous task, especially if you are like me and once you start you just can’t stop until they are all gone!

Although it is satisfying to rid your garden of pesky weeds, it takes a toll on your body and usually results in an evening of ice packs.

Well, I stumbled across this little trick I thought I would share incase anyone was planning a Saturday afternoon of weed removal.

Turns out the perfect weeding tool is actually a prybar. Because of its strength and weight it makes the ultimate¬†gardening companion. It is strong enough to dig into soil, but won’t break or bend from excessive force.

To easily remove weeds all you need to do is hold the plant with one hand and run the prybar into the ground at the roots and it will easily lift up.

It is also a great tool for lifting heavy rocks or bricks that might get in your way as you garden.

Do you have a secret gardening tool?





  1. Margo  

    What is a Prybar? I’ve never heard of it. Could you show us a picture of one please.

    • I think it is like a small crow bar a thickish metal tool that has a slight bend at the end that you can put under the plant / weed and lever it out . I could be wrong!

  2. Kay  

    Please post a picture of what a prybar looks like.

  3. Dianne L Graham.  

    I have never heard of this tool, please explain or put up a picture.

    • Keith Simmons  

      I think they are referring to a pinch bar, or crowbar. Although if you need to bend down to hold the weed it somewhat defeats the purpose of using the crowbar. There are plenty of lighter weeding tools in the hardware stores that will do the same job.

  4. Yvonne McMaster  

    I’m really keen on weeding, spend many hours a week weeding in the bush and in my own garden. Just like the above comments, I have never heard of a prybar. It sounds like it would be a bit heavy for me. My favourite tool in the bush is a sharp, pointy knife, similar to a short dagger. I cut around the weed if necessary, cutting the roots then a light pull gets it out.

    In my lawn at home I use a hand weeder which provides upward leverage on the weed and spares the lawn grass.

    I’m 75 and most of my bushcare group are over 60. We work on the northside of Sydney and would greatly welcome new members. We are flexible for time, day and duration.

    The great thing about being a volunteer is that you don’t have to do it any more than you feel like. Not like work! It’s healthy and so very rewarding to see the lovely natives come back where once there were ugly weeds. Would anyone like to give it a try?

  5. Rob smith  

    A prybar is a heavy carpentry tool with a crook at one end with a split fork like a claw hammer (to remove nails) and on the other end its a wedge like a blunt chisel. A bit extreme for weeding. Being made of steel and fairly heavy you could use it to pound the weeds to a pulp.

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