Is your washing machine a bit whiffy? Here’s a simple way to clean it!

Front-loading washing machines can be more energy efficient than top-loading machines, but they have their downsides. Front-loading machines have a

Front-loading washing machines can be more energy efficient than top-loading machines, but they have their downsides. Front-loading machines have a tendency to build up mould and unpleasant smells, especially around the inner rubber fixtures.

By following this simple, cheap and eco-friendly cleaning method though, you’ll be able to keep your washing machine fresh. Here’s all you need to wash your washing machine!


  • 2 cups vinegar
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • Scrubbing sponge


  1. Mix the baking soda and water in a small bowl. This is going to be the “detergent” we use to clean the washing machine. Pour the vinegar into a measuring cup and head over to your washing machine.
  2. Place the baking soda “detergent” into your machine as normal, then pour the vinegar into the drum. Start your washer on a normal load cycle at its hottest water setting. Close the door and let the machine do all the hard work for you! The baking soda and vinegar naturally break up mineral deposits and any mould growth, while cleaning and refreshing your washing machine.
  3. Wait for the cycle to end, then grab your clean scrubbing sponge and rub around the opening of the washing machine. Wipe clean with fresh water, and you are done! Perform this once a month to keep the inside of your machine clean. A cleaner washing machine will mean cleaner clothes after each cycle.

Will you give this clever idea a go? Has your washing machine developed a funky smell over time?

  1. I have a front loader and am constantly battling mould on the rubber trim. Going to give this a go tonight.

    • I have a front load machine also, and they recommended to always leave the door slightly open. By following their suggestion I have never had mould, just wipe the seals so no water is left on the rubber.

    • I have always had front load machines in the UK. Never had a problem with mould in any machine in 40 years. However, since coming to Australia 4 years ago, the machine I brought from the UK started to develop mould on the door seal. I’m wondering if it’s the climate that is causing the problem?

    • Evelyn Wooding
      Could be. Especially if you live in a humid area. Leave the machine door open and also the laundry door and/or window to allow the mousture to completely dry out.

    • Ruth Hourigan I always leave the machine door slightly open and my laundry room is quite airy although perhaps as it is close to the bathroom it gets steam from the shower when I open the door. Not much I can do about that! I am told that this area of Queensland is sub tropical but where we live only has high humidity occasionally although in the summer months have never seen it drop below 50%.

  2. My washing machine has never been smelly because I followed the manufacturers instructions, most people are not aware that by leaving the door slightly open it stops that.

  3. I wipe round my door seal (rubber) after every wash with a cloth that has been washed through with hot water and dettol, then leave door open about an inch. Never had any smell from any washing machine I have ever owned, and been married for 46yrs.

  4. I always mop up water from the door and leave it slightly open. I have no mould or odour in my machine.

  5. Put some baking powder in with your wash every couple of weeks.

    Typed this before I read the story.

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