How to peel a boiled egg in seconds!

Boiled eggs are a delicious snack, filled with protein to kickstart your day. Although cooking them is easy enough, peeling

Boiled eggs are a delicious snack, filled with protein to kickstart your day. Although cooking them is easy enough, peeling boiled eggs can be a fiddly and frustrating task.

Have you ever had shell stubbornly stick to your boiled egg? You can save minutes of finicky frustration with this simple, ingenious trick. It works like a charm!

– Place the egg in a glass and fill it with cold water.
– Over a sink, place your hand over the top of the glass and shake as vigorously back and forward as you can!
– You’ll find the egg shell has cracked. Pull it off – it should slide off in one piece like magic!

Have you tried this incredibly simple technique? Do you have any other great ways to peel an egg without the hassle? Share your tips in the comments below!

How to peel a boiled egg easily..

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  1. Linda  

    Crack the hard boiled egg, wedge a teaspoon under the shell and peel and discard easily

    • Annie  

      Likes ur comment works all the time

    • Richard Ledden-Cooper  

      Yep Linda the teaspoon is the ONLY way that works all the time. The method with the glass only works well if the eggs are hard boiled & better if a little older.

  2. Owen Gustafson  

    If you are having a problem peeling a boiled egg, the egg must be stale, with fresh eggs you can usually get the shell off in one piece, gently tap the round end on the sink, gently crush the egg until all the shell cracks ,then starting at the round end peel as you turn the egg and there you have it all in one piece.

    • Arlene  

      All my life, I have found that the freshest eggs are the worst ones to peel. Give them a couple weeks before boiling…much easier to peel!

    • Helen Parry  

      I have found the opposite. Very fresh eggs are the hardest to peel.

  3. Maureen Howard  

    Sometimes though the white membrane is still attached and when peeling, the white of the egg sticks to the membrane and you end up with a pitted mess. My son taught me this and I use it all the time for peeling hard boiled eggs. Make a small hole in shell on narrow end of egg, and a larger hole, about 1″ diameter, and then blow the egg through the narrow hole. The egg pops out intact and not mess from the shell.

    • [email protected]  

      Not the most hygienic way though!

      • Maureen Howard  

        Mouth does not come in contact with egg.

    • Sue  

      Really? You can do this with a hard boiled egg? I don’t believe that. ☺

      • Maureen Howard  

        Just have to try it. Small hole on narrow end and larger hole on wider end. Blow gently and egg will just pop out into ready container or hand.

  4. Pat Davison  

    Have tried so many methods – some don’t work, some work sometimes, but the only method I find always works is to steam instead of boiling. Old or new eggs, this is a no fail method for me and takes about the same time..

    • Rosie  

      Interesting. I’ve not steamed eggs. I’m going home to try

  5. A hint from the professionals, before you put the egg on to boil, with a teaspoon gently tap the sharp end (the end that goes down in the carton), you don’t want to break the egg just slightly crack the shell. I “bounce” the spoon on the egg you can tell when the shell has cracked the noise changes. If you think you hit it too hard, then put it aside for the next time you are baking. The egg shouldn’t leak when cooking, but the shell will peel easily when cooked. Works 99% of times.

  6. JAY  

    Very fresh eggs are the hardest to peel.

  7. Frank  

    ‘Place the egg in a glass and fill it with cold water’ ?

    uh – the video showed only just covering the egg with water – to the glass like about a third full

    small detail – like a totally wrong piece of advice …

  8. Elaine Omdahl  

    I just slice them in half and scoop the egg out (that’s when I am going to chop it up anyway), if I need the egg whole then I use the spoon trick, gently slide a teaspoon under the shell and it will usually come out ok

  9. Bev Rudnick  

    Pop them into the freezer until the shell is cool, (5 or 10 minutes) and they will peel easily and the inside is still warm.

  10. Sue  

    I put in a jar with a little cold water and give it a shake. shell comes straight off.

  11. Diana Hart  

    Cook them with a spoonful of Bi carb ,used to cook and peel 40 at a time and this works a charm .

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