How to organise your closet and donate those clothes you don’t wear

Organising your closet can be very satisfying! Usually once or twice a year I try and go through my wardrobe and

Organising your closet can be very satisfying! Usually once or twice a year I try and go through my wardrobe and find all the clothes I think I can live without and pack them up to be donated to my local charity.

Unfortunately, I am very hasty at this and often end up donating jackets and dresses without thinking about it and a few weeks/months later I am tearing the house up trying to find them. It is usually at this point where one of two things happened, my sister broke in and stole them, or I donated them to charity…

Now that our teenage years are long behind us it is usually the latter. Don’t get me wrong I am happy to donate clothing to those in need but I think I need a better system to work out what I do and don’t need.

My friend told me this trick she uses to know if she should donate something or keep it. All you need to do is re-organise your cupboard hanging everything you can on a hanger. Place the hangers on the rack the wrong way around. Every time you wear a piece of clothing, wash it and hang it back up the right way around. In six to twelve months anything that is still hanging the wrong side around hasn’t been worn, therefore you can probably live without it.

This trick requires some patience but I think that is well worth it rather than tossing out a jumper only to get to winter and remember that it was your favourite!

Do you have any tricks for cleaning out your wardrobe?

  1. Barbara Humphreys  

    I very VERY rarely throw anything away…… I have 3 wardrobes full of clothes that I will never wear again either because they are years out of fashion, I am too old or too fat and anyway, all I ever wear these days is black trousers!! Still can’t part with them tho…. Happy memories attached to most of them. I still have the dress I went to my sister’s wedding in in 1983 🙂 and boxes and boxes of shoes……

    • They say if you haven’t worn them for 12 months you don’t need them. I hang the latest worn on the left side of the wardrobe as I replace after wearing and washing. This way I know which I have not worn for a while so they can then go to charity after I looked at them twice.

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