Clever trick to make your bath towels soft again

Stepping out of the shower and wrapping yourself up in a new fluffy towel is such a good feeling, but
Here's how to make towels soft again.

Stepping out of the shower and wrapping yourself up in a new fluffy towel is such a good feeling, but after a while they tend to lose their softness and turn rough and scratchy instead.

There’s an easy trick to getting that soft and fluffy feeling back again and all you need is one simple item from your kitchen cupboard!

Add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle of your next load of towels and when you pull them out they’ll be as good as new.

As strange as it may sound, the vinegar helps to wash away any residue or grit caught in the fibres and doesn’t leave even a hint of a smell behind either.

Do this every six months or when your towels begin to turn scratch and coarse again.

There are a few other things you can do to keep your towels soft wash after wash, too.

Always wash them in warm to hot water and follow the instructions on the back of the detergent bottle.

Rather than making your towels extra clean, too much detergent can actually build up in the material and ruin them over time.

It’s that simple!

Do you have any washing tips and hacks?

  1. I use vinegar as my softener in my wash, every load. Have for a long time as recommended by linen shop for best results. Made NO difference to anything, least of all my towels!

  2. Maggi  

    Please any other suggestions as I don’t have a hot water hose to my machine, use vinegar and lavender oil as my rinse and like Helen it has made no difference to my towels. Now I tell my visitors that it is my way to exfoliate the body.

  3. Di  

    People always comment about how soft my towels are. I don’t do anything special so don’t understand other people’s sratchy towel problem. :-). People often ask me how I get them so soft.
    I’ve recently been putting about half a cup of vinegar in with my wash – from the beginning, not the rinse cycle since, as stated above, it’s supposed to help loosen the dirt. I don’t have hot water to my machine so only ever use cold, clear washing liquid (Earth Choice) and hang my towels on the line – so I’m not sure what the ‘secret’ is.

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