Life hack: Use nappies to make your plants grow!

Yes, you read correctly: disposable nappies can be used to create a super absorbent soil that will hold water and keep your plants hydrated.

The trick is to use the hydrogel inside the nappies. This is what helps remove moisture from inside the nappy. If you pour water onto a clean nappy you will see just how much moisture is absorbed.

This gel combined with soil will help increase aeration and absorption of water.

What you’ll need to do is rip open a large nappy and place the gel into a bowl/ container.

Each nappy makes 12 cups of hydrogel. You may have small cotton pieces mixed in with the gel when you remove it from the nappy but don’t worry, this is fine as they will break apart and mix right in.

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Mix equal parts of hydrogel with your soil and combine with your hands until you have a nice, fluffy soil.

Plant whatever you please in your new super soil.

For more clarification watch the video below: