Life Hack: The simple, ingenious way to get ice-cold bottled water

Here’s an astonishingly simple little trick from the “why on Earth didn’t I think of that?” department.

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For those who like to keep bottled water ice cold – particularly those of us who enjoy long walks or hikes – it’s usually a matter of keeping bottles in the freezer overnight.

Of course, it can be a pain when waiting for it to melt. And even then, the ice will tend to block the bottle’s flow, making drinking a frustrating process.

Here’s a wonderful way around it: simply half-fill the bottle and store it on its side in the freezer.

The next morning you’ll have a handy block of ice that won’t clog up the bottleneck – allowing you to enjoy it straight away.

Simply fill the rest with room temperature water, and voila! Instant, long-lasting, ice-cold water that will get you through the day.

Do you freeze your water bottles? Have you tried this method? What other great little tricks have had you asking “why didn’t I think of that?”