Life hack: The quickest ways to remove makeup stains from your clothes

Makeup can give us a lift, hiding our blemishes and giving us a little more confidence to take on the day. However, that incidental smudge of orange foundation around the neckline of a garment can be rather conspicuous and it often takes a certain method to actually lift the stain.

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You may be surprised to discover – or you’ve already learned the hard way – that many quick-to-mind cleansers such as hand soap, Sorbolene or make-up remover can do more harm than good for stains. Here are some easy and effective ways to remove foundation stains from your garments and other fabrics:

Powder Foundation

The best way to remove powder foundation from fabric is a little solution of white vinegar and water. It’s a good idea to first try the mixture on a small, inconspicuous area such as the underside of the hemming. If the fabric’s colour stays then the mixture is just right and ready to apply to the problem smudge.

Liquid or Cream Foundation

Liquid foundations require an oil-free method, which is why shaving cream is neat little wonder. Apply it the stain, giving it a soft rub into the fabric. Add a dash of colour-free alcohol if the shaving cream won’t do it alone. Once pre-treated, throw it straight into the wash to fully remove the stain.

Will you try these simple tricks? What’s your go-to solution for makeup stain removal?