Life hack: The elevator trick you need to know

You hop in an elevator alone and are late to an appointment but it’s on the 25th floor so you’ll

You hop in an elevator alone and are late to an appointment but it’s on the 25th floor so you’ll have to wait for everyone on other levels to get on or off. Usually, you’d just wait, but now you can change how you use a lift with this trick!

If you can’t see the video: If you’re alone in the elevator and want to fly up to your level with no stops, all you need to do is hold down your level button and the close door button at the same time until the doors close.

It will take you straight up – this is a trick emergency services use.

The best way to do it:


  1. carol samata  

    How rude is no one elses time important if you don’t want delays don’t be late

  2. I hate getting in lifts at the best of times, if it’s only a couple of floors I take the stairs. I wouldn’t be taking any chances using this trick, it would be my luck to get stuck for being selfish lol

  3. I’m sure the store, carparks or hotels will be thrilled that you have just exposed this, I wouldn’t because it’s a selfish act, however would come in handy if it was an absolute emergency, life or death situation!

  4. Yes I don’t like this at all. It’s there for a reason, not for idiots or selfish people who could care less about others needing the lift.

  5. What a shame for all the other busy people needing to get places when there are selfish people around

    • Got stuck in one for nearly four hours many years ago. Vowed never to live on a high floor ever since.

    • I know I would die if I ever got stuck in one that’s why I never do lifts, I can’t even watch people on TV that are stuck in lifts I start hyperventilating, I have real bad claustrophobia

  6. Nice trick but won’t work in Israel on the Sabbath as all elevators stop at all floors so no one has to ‘work’ by pressing a button!

    • I remember a hotel in Tel Aviv where on Shabbat, one lift stopped only on the even floors, the other on the odd.

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