Life hack: Remove mould naturally with these solutions

When we see mould, many reach for the bleach, and while bleach is an effective way to remove mould, it is

When we see mould, many reach for the bleach, and while bleach is an effective way to remove mould, it is quite a harsh chemical that can be harmful on skin and poisonous if ingested.

So what other items can we use to remove mould when it rears its ugly head? We have discovered a couple of alternative ways to get rid of tough mould patches that aren’t going to cause you any grief.

1. Tea tree oil or clove oil and water (the most effective method)

This combination is usually the most effective method of naturally removing mould. Add 15 drops of your chosen oil into a spray bottle. Spray onto mouldy areas and leave for two hours, spray a bit more, wipe away.

2. Straight, white vinegar

This combination is said to kill around 82 percent of mould colonies. So, if for some reason you’re not into using clove or tea tree oil and want the next best thing, vinegar is for you. Just pop some straight vinegar into a spray bottle, spray, leave for an hour, wipe off with warm water.

3.  Vodka

And now for something completely different, did you know vodka is great for cleaning? The cheaper the better.
Pop some straight vodka into your nifty spray bottle. Spray, leave for an hour, wipe off with warm water.



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  1. Do all these tips have to be called life hacks? Starting to annoy me. I’ve never heard this term anywhere else.

  2. Anonymous  

    Oil of Cloves is the very best for getting rid of mould. It is also excellent for cleaning windows and mirrors. Squeaky clean and no streaks!!!

    • Fran King  

      Jacqueline Laroche Yes, I have a 2 to 3 litre bucket and half fill it with warm water, then add about 10 to 15 drops of Oil of Cloves. Really does work

    • Fran King  

      PS I use an old face washer to wash, then a squeegee and an old tea towel or a chamois to dry off. Hope this helps.

    • Fran King  

      I buy mine from our local Chemist. It is $7.95 for a small bottle, which lasts for quite a while.

    • Just don’t put it on neat thinking stronger is better. I have ruined a bathroom basin doing that.

    • Susan Bell  

      Oil of cloves keeps away moths in your wardrobe. Put some on a cloth or cotton wool balls. Wipe the inside of your wardrobe or drawers with it. You have a lovely smelling wardrobe, no moths and no dreadful naphthalene.
      Tooth ache? Ring your dentist and book appointment, meanwhile oil of cloves on a cotton ball then placed on your tooth will ease the pain until your appointment, If this does not work I suggest half a bottle of whisky then you will not remember your tooth is sore.

    • That is a fallacy spread by enjo sales people. A 4% solution of household bleach will kill the aids virus and people wouldn’t waste time and money chlorinating swimming pools if all it did was make the water look clear.

    • Bleach certainly kills most things. If we have a stomach bug, I will wipe round toilet and sink with bleach as it is very effective disinfectant.

  3. Bleach only removes the colour of mould, it does nothing to get rid of it. Oil of cloves is the only solution.

  4. We had the ceiling at church professionally treated for mold and they just sprayed it with vinegar, told us to leave it for two weeks and then it could be washed down as the vinegar doesn’t remove the blackness, just kills the spores. It has kept it at bay for a few months.

  5. Wash with half water ,half cleaning vinegar (avail. from supermarket) then wash wish sugar soap, three years later no sign of mould.

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