Life hack: one trick to relieve mosquito bites

Summer – it’s the best time of year to head outside, enjoy the heat, relax near the water and make the most of the long sunny afternoons.

It’s also the time when mosquitos like to breed…

This means that you are probably going to be battling those itchy mosquito bites all summer if you’re heading outdoors.

If you find yourself under attack and out of bug repellent, there is an easy way to stop that itch, and fast.

Grab a metal spoon and heat it up somehow. Either over a fire or stove top. Make sure you don’t microwave the spoon though!

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By pressing the now heated spoon onto the mosquito bite, the heat will destroy the reaction and stop the itching.

I feel like this doesn’t need to be said, but make sure you don’t burn yourselves.

Be safe!