Life hack: Make your bananas last longer

A solution to a fruity problem

How do you like your bananas best? Still a little bit green, yellow, or a little over-ripe? Perhaps covered in chocolate and ice-cream in a banana split?

However you enjoy the universally loved, curved, yellow fruit, there is one problem that plagues all banana lovers: they ripen far too quickly! It’s often the case that you do your weekly grocery shop, pick a bunch of still green bananas (and maybe one yellow one to eat on the way home) in the hopes it will last the week, but within two days at the maximum what you’re left with is a pile of mostly brown, mushy, stinky waste. The only thing you can do is bake banana bread and wait until next grocery shop. 

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Until now, that is. With this clever hack, they won’t last forever but you will definitely be able to extend the shelf life of your favourite fruit, and save yourself a few supermarket trips. 

Try this: Next time you buy bananas, instead of taking them out of their bag to put in the fruit bowl, divide them into twos and tie them up in freezer bags (or the plastic bags you get in the fruit and veg section at the supermarket) instead. By dividing them up, you won’t be constantly letting air into the bag every time you want a banana, and the ripening process will slow down dramatically. 

Did you know that having bananas in your fruit bowl also causes the other fruit to degrade quickly? So by using this hack, you’ll extend the life of the rest of your fruit too!

How do you like to eat your bananas?

  1. macman2  

    I put fruit and grapes in the fridge.

    • lynn lelliott  

      they last longer if you separate them all from each other.

    • Loz  

      How about you shove the website where the sun don’t shine

    • Bosan  

      Why not go elsewhere and pedal your crap. Your not welcome here.

  2. Pam  

    Wrap 2 or 3 bananas in alfoil and put in bottom of fridge. They will last for a week

  3. Carol  

    I love banana on toast for breakfast

  4. Ivan  

    Yes. It’s true. We too keep bananas in the fruit and vegie draw of the fridge which also includes other fruit such as kiwi fruit and apples and eat them as we need them and the fruit bowl only has such fruit that we intend eating within a couple of days. It really is great and people should try it.

  5. Drena Strange  

    Wrap bananas individually in aluminium foil and keep in the fridge. They must be completely wrapped no bits showing. They will keep for at least two weeks sometimes longer. It depends on how ripe they are to start with. Sometimes the skin darkens but the flesh is always fresh. A tip I got from from Winton(Qld) CWA’s “Hints for Hopeless Housewives and Handy Mutton Recipes”.

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