Life hack: How to keep bananas riper for longer

How often have you bought a bunch of bananas and thought “great, breakfast is sorted for the week”, only for Thursday to roll around and

How often have you bought a bunch of bananas and thought “great, breakfast is sorted for the week”, only for Thursday to roll around and we find our healthy bunch of bananas have been reduced to a brown and yellow mess.

Many people have different tricks or theories in order to try and increase the life of their bananas. We here at Starts at Sixty have uncovered a couple of differing methods that are sure to help keep your bananas fresher for longer.

1. Wrap each individual stem in plastic wrap

By wrapping the stems of your bananas in plastic wrap, you prevent ethylene gas from reaching the other parts of the fruit. Ethylene gas is the gas that occurs naturally during the ripening process, and is thought to accelerate the ripening process. While this method wont stop all of the gas from getting through, it’s better then nothing and is sure to make at least some difference in the life of your fruit

2. Use lemon juice or vinegar to keep banana slices fresh

Sounds funky, but the use of lemon juice or vinegar removes the amount of oxygen that gets to the fruit and in turn reduces enzymatic browning. You’ll want to be careful if using vinegar. Too much will leave you with sour banana slices. Use about a teaspoon of vinegar and try to coat all of sides of the slices.

How do you keep your bananas fresh? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. My husband puts them in the fridge. The skins go brown but they are OK inside. The ones that go really soft I peel and freeze. Great for smoothies and banana bread.

  2. Also, a trick told to me by elderly couple aged 90+ . Wrap individual banana in newspaper and place in crisper. Even though skin turns black after awhile, the fruit is still firm. Lasts up to 2 weeks. It works.

  3. I try to buy a mix, some with green stems and some just ready to eat but if they are too ripe the sugar level has increased which I need to avoid. Not knowing what these storage methods do to the fruit I would stay with my current regime.

    • I can guarantee that if you put them in the crisper in the fridge, no wrapping required, they will stay at the same stage of ripeness as when they went in there. The skins may turn black but the banana inside is unchanged. Just try it with one.

    • Thanks Helen, that’s worth trying for sure, it can be difficult to find fruit that is at the right stage to kast the week. 👍😉

    • I only like bananas that have yellow skins with the faintest touch of green at the stem. Once they start to turn brown I can’t stand the smell of them, let alone the taste! The ones I have in my crisper at the moment are three days old and as good as when I bought them. 🍌

  4. I have 2 separate crispers – one for vegies and one for fruit. I never have a problem with bananas going bad. The skin may darken but the fruit is still fine.

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