Life hack: How to fix your husband’s tie

Have you ever gone somewhere with your husband or partner, where a suit and tie is worn? And despite their

Have you ever gone somewhere with your husband or partner, where a suit and tie is worn? And despite their best efforts the wind picks up and they spend their time trying to hold down the tie in place. It must be similar to the hassle of trying to keep your skirt down on a windy day.

There is a simple trick to stop this happening. All you need is an old shirt (button down) and a pair of scissors.


060116_LHPic1If this looks familiar this trick will help!

060116_LHPic2Use an old button down shirt and a pair of scissors

060116_LHPic3Use the scissors to cut off part of the collar so that you have a strip (that has 2 button holes)

060116_LHPic4Thread the fabric strip through the loop on the back of the tie. Align the holes with buttons.

060116_LHPic5Secure the tie in place by buttoning either side onto the shirt that is being worn.

060116_LHPic6Enjoy a hassle free outing!

  1. My husband very seldom wears a tie. He has a funny tie story. Many years ago when he was a partner in an Accounting firm it was tradition that every time a new partner was admitted a photo would be taken. The photo would be hung on a special wall with all the other partner photos. My husband never wore a tie as he hates them. All the other partners did wear a tie. However for the photo he would dig our his tie (yes he only had one). One day one of the partners was looking at the photos and realised that John had the same tie in photos spanning 25 years. At the next partners meeting they presented John with a new tie. It caused much amusement.

    • he would also know if he wore a tie at a lot of clients premises someone with a pair of scissors would chop it off. 😉

  2. No husband and if I did have one, he would be over 60 old enough to fix his own tie

  3. Dont think mine has worn a tie for many years – since the last girl got married. He wouldn’t even wear one to our wedding.

    • Same here. My husband did not wear a tie for our wedding. However he is donning one for our sons wedding.

  4. The tie – a useless anachronism from England, totally inappropriate for Australia.
    Ever noticed how male newsreaders on TV (not that there are many of them) always wear a tie and jacket irrespective of the climate outside, whereas female newsreaders are invariably more appropriately attired?
    Time for an attitude change by a few people.

    • The main ABC news bulletin in Hobart always commences with the newsreader standing in front of the desk. After a cross to the first piece of video, s/he is then seated behind the desk, as usual.
      But yes, at other times that is a possibility.

  5. I can’t believe ties have not become obsolete; they are the most useless and idiotic accessory which serve no purpose and are nothing but a nuisance, dangling in food, hanging lopsidedly (how can that be attractive?) I’d like a dollar for every doctor’s tie I’ve had to rescue from falling into unmentionable bodily fluids: Rant over but I could rabbit on ad infinitum.

  6. i suppose some wives would like to rearrange the tie around the hubbie’s neck, very tightly. 🙂

    • Mike here-& no doubt there are blokes out there who wouldn’t even try to stop them. As was said to Sir Winston Churchill by one of the ladies of court. “Sir, were you my husband I would surely poison you”. To which he replied. ” Madam, were you my wife, I would most surely drink it”.

  7. I make man-quilts with disused ties! But not with the precious ones hanging in HIS wardrobe! I love buying pure silk ones at op shops! X

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