Life Hack: How to cut multiple cherry tomatoes or grapes in half at once!

If you like or need your grapes/cherry tomatoes cut for a salad or snack, it can be annoying to have to cut them all individually. But did you know there’s a way to do them all at once?

This could change your whole kitchen routine and give you those precious extra seconds to get moving on the rest of your cooking (or snacking!)

So how do you do this magical trick?

All you’ll need is:

  • Grapes, cherry tomatoes or any small, round fruit or vegetables you want to slice in half
  • 1 sharp knife with serrated edge
  • 2 plastic container lids of the same size
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1. Put the tomatoes or grapes on the top side of one lid as the rim will prevent the tomatoes from rolling off. Make sure to use enough tomatoes to cover the whole lid.

2. Flip the second lid over onto the tomatoes so that the rim is upside-down, or facing the bottom rim.

3. Grab your knife and holding the top lid firmly, start to cut (away from yourself!) between the two lids, using a sawing motion.

4. Voila! All done.

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Here’s a Youtube video explaining how to do it step by step:

Tell us, do you have any handy kitchen tips? What is your best ‘life hack’?