Life hack: Backspace on your phone calculator

Use your calculator more efficiently.

Do you remember back to when you were in school, and the way your maths teacher would tell you how important it is to learn mathematics because, as he or she would say “you won’t have a calculator in your pocket when you’re an adult, you’ll need to know how to work out sums yourself!”

Well, we sure showed them! Of course, with smartphones we now not only have a calculator in our pockets, but access to all the information we could possibly need at our fingertips. It’s really quite amazing where technology has come to. 

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However, there’s one frustrating calculator problem which iPhone users in particular will be familiar with: There is no backspace button on the iPhone calculator tool! This means that if you make a mistake when you’re typing out your sum, you have to start all over again. It’s especially frustrating when you’re getting to the end of a really long, complicated sum and you accidentally type in a wrong digit. 

Well, it turns out it never was a problem! Yep, you’ve been retyping sums from the beginning for no reason. It really isn’t your fault though, because this feature is quite well hidden. 

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iPhone calculator app
Just swipe left.

If you make a mistake on your iPhone calculator, all you need to do is swipe left in the display where the sum is, and it will remove the last digit you typed. 

You’re welcome!