Let’s Talk: Is this supermarket’s fresh produce idea lazy or genius?

Our local supermarket’s fruit and veg section could soon be changing to this new model. Some say it’s genius, while

Our local supermarket’s fruit and veg section could soon be changing to this new model. Some say it’s genius, while others say it’s lazy and a massive waste.

In New Zealand, shoppers have started to see pre-chopped fruit and vegetables in their supermarkets, with chain New World cutting up the produce and storing it in bins.


“Product is rotated every three days so as to retain maximum freshness and value,” Chris Grace, New World Te Rapa’s Chris Grace told news.com.au. “It’s early days and sales are still quite low but those who do take advantage of our pre-prepared veggies love the convenience and ease”.

Us Aussies already see pre-chopped and diced vegetables in plastic wrapped packs but never before have they been stores in bins to purchase in bulk or small amounts.


Although Coles and Woolies don’t have any imminent plans to sell fruit and veges already sliced and diced in bins, only grocery store Fruitalicious have just launched a range of fresh cut fruit and vegetables called Crudo in 120 Foodland supermarkets in South Australia.

“Recently customers have been asking for something more convenient,” Fruitalicious marketing manager Alison Rologas told news.com.au.

“Everyone is time poor these days, but are also quite health-conscious. So they want the convenience and they want those healthy meal options, but they don’t necessarily have the time when they’re working longer hours.

“All you have to do is take them home and steam them or chuck them in the oven. You don’t have to waste time peeling and chopping. It’s just an alternative for people who want a premium product, but they want it quickly,” she said.

Fruitalicious plans to expand nationwide and introduce a range of pre-prepared salads in the future but the whole thing has left some scratching their heads.

The majority of us grew up peeling, chopping and grating our own food, so is this a new form of laziness? Should we be rewarding the time poor?

We want to know your thoughts today….

  1. I love the idea, as long as it kept in a hygienic manner, don’t like the idea of lots of fingers all over the food.

  2. Don’t like…more surfaces means more bugs and food will go off faster

  3. I don’t like the idea of more hands on the food I’m going to eat. Would much rather buy my fruit and veggies whole and wash and chop them myself. What on earth is the world coming to when people can’t even chop their food up??

  4. I wouldn’t buy the food that way. Just another way for the giant chains to offload poor quality produce. It’s bad enough now and it’s still whole.

  5. Really don’t like the thought of people touching the fruit/veges to pick the ‘best’ and putting back what they don’t want. I may be reading the article wrong but it definitely would not be a way I would buy fresh products.

  6. I like to choose my own fruit and veggies, this is a way of the Supermarkets chopping up produce that possibly no one would choose if already ripe as it would go off quickly. If this is the way of the future in the supermarket’s then I’m heading back to the little fruit and veggie shop.

    • I already shop for vegetables at our local fresh proudce shop. Gave up supermarket fruit and veg some time ago and have never regretted it.

    • They can cut the bad bits out, which normally would land in the bin. I will be staying with my local fruit shop.

    • Ruth like you we do not have a large fruit and veg shop in our town. I would definitely choose to shop there if we did. Anyone want to open a fruit and veg shop come to Mudgee we need you.

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