Let’s talk: Grandma cuts up $1.1 million to stop family getting it

Now here is an interesting situation showing how families can blight themselves.  An 85 year old woman in Germany has

Now here is an interesting situation showing how families can blight themselves.  An 85 year old woman in Germany has sat down with a set of scissors and cut up 950,000 euros of cash and destroyed her bankbooks in her bed in a retirement home in Vienna apparently to stop her family getting them when she died.  She tried to destroy the money rather than leave it to her heirs but her effort is all in vain. The central bank of Austria has come out and said that if the family can show shreds of the money then they will replace it.

“If the heirs can only find shreds of money and if the origin of the money is assured, then of course it can all be replaced,” Friedrich Hammerschmidt, deputy head of the OeNB cashier division, told Kurier, Vienna’s daily newspaper.

“If we didn’t pay out the money then we would be punishing the wrong people.”

We think this is worthy of talking about.  Do you agree with the bank’s promise to replace the money?  Should the heirs who she didn’t want to have receive it still get their hands on it?  

  1. Interesting. Maybe she should have left a nominal amount to her heirs and the rest to charity. I wonder then if they could have challenged her will?

  2. What a great question, however if I had 1.1 million to give away I would make sure that I got to enjoy giving to whom ever I want. The bank is doing what they think is right and possibly thinking the old lady was not sound of mind so therefore you can’t blame the bank.

  3. Depends if she is of sound mind! If she is, she must have good reason. A bit mean though. Why didn’t she donate it to a charitable cause? They could have challenged her will, and probably won. So she wasn’t taking any chances! More To this that meets the eye I think.

    • I’m with you Rosemary, I’d have such fun but as I don’t hate my family it wouldn’t happen.

    • Actually my family are encouraging me to spend it all while I can – not that I have anything like that amount!

    • Same here but just back from a trip to the US after daughter convinced us we couldn’t take it with us. She came with us, so a memorable trip.

  4. What was that all about, so did it have to come to that? What a damn shame to be mature and not have rational sensibility, silly old thing, she was probably always cynical and difficult .

  5. What a nutter….if she had that much left she could have sat back n watched them use it up before she died….some satisfaction at knowing that one of them doubled their share or the spendthrift that disappeared the lot the first weekend…..there’s a parable along those lines I think..

  6. I’m going next door while Mum’s away in her motorhome to remove all the pairs of scissors in her unit…

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