Let’s Talk: As taxpayers, is this our only way of coping with asylum seekers?

Medical facilities at the Nauru Regional Processing Centre will get a major upgrade, to avoid cases where asylum seekers require

Medical facilities at the Nauru Regional Processing Centre will get a major upgrade, to avoid cases where asylum seekers require hospital treatment on Australian shores.

Over $26 million worth of Aussie taxpayers’ money will be spent on Nauru. New services will include paediatrics, oncology, obstetrics and even CT scans.

However, some everyday Aussies are outraged that these upgrades will mean Nauru has better medical facilities than most regional hospitals.

“If facilities at Nauru are that appalling the answer is simple. Send (asylum seekers) back to where they came from and that money can be spent on needy Australians”, one person commented online.

It’s understood the high-profile case of Baby Asha has prompted this government decision. There were also recent cases where six pregnant asylum seekers refused medical attention, unless this occurred within Australia.

According to The Courier Mail, “the government had to crack down on the number of sick or injured asylum seekers coming to Australia, because of concerns that families saw an opportunity to leave processing centres”.

What’s your take? Is it unfair that Nauru will have better medical facilities than most Aussie hospitals?

Does Nauru need fully equipped hospitals to treat asylum seekers? Do you want your taxpayer dollars funding these upgrades?

  1. Born Australian  

    Once again the illegals get better attention than the Australian taxpayers …… My grand son has to wait 18. Months to 2years to see a gastro pead but the Australian government can spend millions to ensure that people who don’t respect the Australian culture or our ways of life have the best medical attention and what ever they need …. All these god dam protesters and do gooders why don’t they pay out of there pockets and don’t bother claiming for them on their taxes they want to help these people so much…. I want decent medical attention for our kids and not having to wait years for them to receive the medical attention they need….. The Australian public are sick of the free rides that the government is handing out to these illegals they believe we the Australian people owe them a life, WE OWE THEM NOTHING IF THEY WANT FREE MEDICAL THEN GO BACK TO WERE THEY COME FROM !!!!!!!!! AUSTRALIA CANNOT AFFORD TO KEEP THEM HERE…… CLOSE THE BORDERS AND DONT ACCEPT ANYMORE …..

    • C R Collins  

      You are so right on this. I am tired of all minorities saying how it should be. I need a medical procedure but as there is NO Medicare rebate I have to wait as there is no way I can afford being on aged pension.
      Its just a ploy to get in this country. I worked all my life and object to government giving away our tax dollars. No more immigration. About time they looked after their own.

    • Ross  

      Yes, you are racist according to some but that is not true.
      I agree with you and if that makes you a racist, you are not alone.
      Economic refugees are illegal immigrants, pure and simple.

  2. R.Glover  

    I gather from information I have received that the LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY has some very interesting answers about this and other problems affecting the every-day Australian Citizens,,,,

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