Lawyers reveal how this celeb singer has blown her millions

Melanie Brown during better times.

She’s been a Spice Girl, she’s been TV presenter, she’s been a judge on X Factor both in Australia and the UK, and co-host of Dancing with the Stars in Australia, plus a judge on Americas Got Talent.

It turns out Melanie Brown, known as Scary Spice in the band, or Mel B, has also been a big spender.

Now facing a nasty divorce it has been revealed the singer has spent most of her fortune and has practically nothing left. Scary Spice is right.

The Sun reported that the singer, 42, faced soon-to-be ex-husband Stephen Belafonte in court in Los Angeles on Friday, amid claims he tortured her with years of physical and mental abuse.

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The pair both have outstanding tax debts after making “improvident” lifestyle choices, the court heard.

Grace Jamra, representing Belafonte, said: “She wiped out all her Spice Girls’ money, approximately 50 million if not more.”

Mel B’s lawyer Jacalyn David said ‘All their community income was being spent and then some. In this marriage, that would be Miss Brown’s income from the Spice Girls.’

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Belafonte wants spousal support and money for his legal fees, adding to £90,000 ($152,000) as he has no current income. He’d worked on as an executive producer on a reality TV show but hasn’t worked in the industry since, although it is believe the couple have a partnership in a restaurant in LA. 

So what was the money spent on?

According to the Daily Mail it was a mix of customised cars that takes up $1.7m, not to mention lots of bling. Diamond earrings, rings, bangles, watches all add up, with one ring alone reported to have cost around $720,000. Then there is the wardrobe, with preferences for Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel, and that’s just the handbags.

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Where do you wear all these fabulous things? On holiday of course. Private planes to destinations, not to mention full staff and a butler for Hawaii holidays, are just some of the spendings.

Mel B joined Spice Girls after answering an advertisement in The Stage magazine. 

What would you buy, if you had $50million?


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