Kids taste test 100 years of school lunches

School lunches have always been a hot topic within society. Back in the day, kids used to go home during

School lunches have always been a hot topic within society. Back in the day, kids used to go home during the day to sit down for a proper lunchtime meal, usually with their mum and/or siblings.

These days kids are eating packed lunches or buying junk food from cafeterias with their friends. It is safe to say they have come a long way, and the topic of healthy food often comes into play when discussing what kids are eating.

The high preservative, high fat, empty calories available at most cafeterias are often loved by kids but detested by their parents. This video doing the rounds on social media shows what children’s lunches over the past 100 years look like and really highlights how much they have changed.

It goes through the meals of the early 1900’s, including the limited lunching options of the great depression, and then flows into junk food and left over pizza from the 70’s to 90’s. Then comes full circle again to the healthy lunches of the 2000’s, which the kids think are lacking junk and a little boring.

As you can imagine most of the kids are not too keen on the what older generations used to eat for lunch. But some are also pleasantly surprised, particularly with the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s options.

The video opens with a girl staring at the lunch in front of her form the 1900’s saying, “Nobody eats this!”, another boy bites into a sandwich and says, “It tastes like sadness.”

Whereas another child says that his sandwich is, “gross but kind of good at the same time”. In the 1970’s they pulled a TaB soda out of the lunch bag and one boy is shocked saying, “What soda was back then?”

The clip is American, but the general idea of what everyone ate for lunch and how it has progressed is rather powerful. The clip ends on the year 2000, with vegetable snacks and tuna wraps, which seem to be following the health craze of today… Although some junk food seems to have snuck back in.

What did you eat for lunch when you were a child? Is it different to what you see your grandkids eating?