Keep your scent longer because smelling good makes you feel good

No one likes to think they stink. Sometimes when you’ve had a hard day, and you have a quiet moment it might strike you “What is that smell?” and the adage is if you can smell it than everyone else can smell it.

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There is no doubt about it, though when you smell good, you feel good. Here are a couple of tips that can keep you smelling better for longer.

It’s not just what’s on the outside
You’ve showered, you applied some ‘smell good’ and you are still getting the odd smell throughout the day. It could be what you are eating and drinking. Too much alcohol and it comes seeping from your pores with a sickly sweet smell. Perfumer and founder of custom fragrance company Nova, Julia Zangrilli, told “A diet full of spice, onions, and garlic is good for you, but, boy, does it come out through your pores,” Julia says. “Those three things can come through your skin and breath for up to 48 hours, depending [on] how crazy you went.”

Become a scientist
For some colognes might be something that you spritz on once and walk away but it’s the idea of ongoing good smells that will keep the day bopping along. One of the best pieces of advice that experts give is that you need to keep your skin hydrated. Keeping your water intake high, as well as moisturising your skin, will keep your good scent from being absorbed into the skin quicker. Another tip is to rub a little vitamin E to the areas that you spray the scent, and it’ll last almost twice as long.

No matter what you do to ensure that you are smelling good, you will notice that it will keep your mood higher and make you more confident in social situations. Keep the good smell rolling on.

What are some of your favourite scents? What is your favourite thing to smell that isn’t a perfume or colognes?