The 8 ways to keep your pets cool in summer

Here's how you can keep your pets cool in summer.

When the heat becomes too unbearable, we not only only worry about ourselves. Our furry family members can also be affected by the extreme heat just as we humans do. Luckily, there are many smart tips that we ca use to ensure that our beloved pets stay hydrated, cool and comfortable during the warmer months.

1. Bring small pets indoors if possible

According to the RSCPCA, small pets, such as rabbits, guinea pigs and birds, are particularly susceptible to heat. Bring these animals indoors during hot weather. If allowed free run in a laundry or bathroom, they will benefit from the cool tiles.

2. Drape pet cages with wet towels

Drape their cage with wet towels to keep the temperature down and less dry. Make sure the animals’ enclosures are out of direct sunlight and protected from the sun as the shade moves throughout the day.

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3. Provide plenty of water

Provide plenty of fresh, cool water in large water containers. Make sure you provide more than one source of water in case one is spilt. Ensure the containers are in the shade and add some ice to the water to keep it cool.

3. Use frozen water bottles Frozen water bottles or ice packs lets your pet regulate its own body temperature. 
Frozen water bottles or ice packs lets your pet regulate its own body temperature.

4. Use frozen water bottles

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Provide frozen water bottles or ice packs for your pet to lean against so it can regulate its own body temperature.

5. Use a clam shell pool

Place a clam shell pool in the shade and fill it with water so your dog can wade in the water to keep cool. If your pet’s share your yard with children, remember to have all necessary precautions in place, including fencing, in order to keep children safe.

6. Walk your dog when it’s not hot

Walk your dog in the cool of the early morning or evening, especially on very hot days. You may even take your pet to the local beach, creek or river to let it have a paddle to cool down. This will help your pet avoid possible dehydration, sunburn and potentially painful paws and it will help you and your pet enjoy the walk more.

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7. Use a water mist of spray bottle

If your pet seems to be in discomfort, try wetting its feet and misting water onto its face. This is an option for dogs, cats, ferrets, poultry and caged birds as many animals control their inner temperature through their feet. Its important not to saturate a bird’s feathers as this can cause them to go into shock.

8. Know the signs of a dehydrated pet

Here’s how to spot a dehydrated dog.

Signs of a dehydrated dog. Photo: Dog Vacay.
Signs of a dehydrated dog. Photo: Dog Vacay.

Will you be trying any of these tips? How do you normally keep your pets cool?