I’ve earned my stripes to be this way

The other day on the bus, I saw two teenage girls staring at me. They were giggling at my phone,

The other day on the bus, I saw two teenage girls staring at me. They were giggling at my phone, which isn’t one of the big new smart phones – it’s a modest device my daughter bought me a few years ago. They didn’t stop, so I turned around and said to them “Here, this is what I’m looking at! I’m looking at the BBC! Do you know what that is!?”. That ought to have shut them up but they continued to whisper.

I told my daughter this story and she was confused as to why I would even bother giving them a piece of my mind but I told her, I’ve just lost my patience with people who stare, leer and are rude to me – I give it right back to them!

The bus driver won’t wait for me or grumbles while I take a few seconds to get out my transport card? I let him know not to be so bloody impatient. Someone barges into me? I tell them to watch where they’re going!

I’m fully aware of how this may look to others but believe me, my skin is so thick these days that I really do not care. I fully admit to being highly irritable and agitated but honestly, I’ve been through much worse. If all people can say about me is that I’m grouchy or rude, then that’s fine. It’s not like I’ve killed someone!

When I was growing up in Alice Springs, some of the things people would yell out to young girls would be absolutely revolting. I would go home and cry to my mother, who would tell me just to give it back. And I did! I became known for my quick insults and how I helped shut up those cowards. Of course when I had kids I stopped being as easily angered but I feel I’ve earned my stripes to be this way. I have done my time being ridiculed and I’m really over it

I have left jobs because people would put me down or discriminate against me. And believe you me, I would give them a piece of my mind before I walked out.

I’d rather stand up for myself then let others walk all over me. Do you agree?

  1. I dont take nonsense from anyone anymore but depending on the circumstance, i decide whether they rate a response from me. I too spent my young years in Alice Springs and was abused verbally and physically.

  2. I’ve tried being bold and assertive, to speak my mind, be myself. It always backfires! The consequences are just not worth it. I don’t know what happens between what I say and what others hear, because I think I am being honest and straightforward and they think I am rude, insensitive and hostile. My main aim at the moment is to say as little as possible, especially in family situations.

    • same here why dont they hear what you say i have that problem, some people cant stand honest comments it hurts them to hear truth rather make up something you said they the truth i get it all the time

  3. I’m a no nonsense kind of person, however there is no way I would put myself in harms way for any reason. Unfortunately we don’t always know what we are dealing with so I think personally I would rather walk away because it may not be worth the consequences.

    • Trish, I agree. In today’s world, there are certain ‘elements’ in our younger population that would just as soon give you a smack in the head, than heed your words.

  4. I can hold my own when I need too but I am not aggressive, I try a smile and to reason first, if that fails well I figure I have no choice but to bite and bite hard

  5. You have earned your stripes – and this is for those of us who feel the same way.

  6. Wow! I did not realise my generation were so rude and thoughtless. To the reader, I am not surprised you left jobs. I am sure your colleagues were relieved. Just being straight forward and saying what I feel.

  7. Anger only makes you angry😂😂 try a smile it works wonders. If that doesn’t work hit em over the head with your handbag, that will grab their attention

  8. a sign was up in my local town a few years ago which said something like…’if you allow a person to make you angry, you allow them to control you!’ Food for thought eh? Yes you have earned those stripes! Now you just have to get smarter at outwitting the unwitted idiots around us all!

  9. There’s a fine line between standing up for yourself & being rude, we’ve all been through things in our life but that doesn’t give any of us the right to be abusive or rude, nor does age give us the right, I’ve always found people treat you the way you treat them, life is to short to sweat the small stuff, anyway it’s not them that look petty it’s yourself that can make a fool of yourself when you act in this way.

    • I must say I agree with you, I am not an aggressive person and I would far prefer not to fight, you get more value out of being nice and polite than you ever will out of being angry..well said

    • I’m not aggressive either and would rather speak nicely to try to resolve an issue, perhaps it’s a case of misunderstanding or the other person is going through a hard time at the moment. I’ve been through enough in my life to not care what others think. HOWEVER, don’t rely on my good nature. A lot of the time it’s not worth it, but when I think it is, beware, I can bite if need be!

    • Each of us make good points, I’m like you Libbi, but would like to be more assertive at times, then it can backfire.

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