Is this the true face of Jesus?

For Christians the world over, the true face of Jesus is one of the great mysteries of the faith. Depictions of

For Christians the world over, the true face of Jesus is one of the great mysteries of the faith. Depictions of the Son of God vary from a caucasian man with blonde hair to a Roman man with darker locks.

Truth is, no one know what Jesus looked like as there is no reliable physical description in the Bible or any other texts.

But now a retired medical artist has used the latest forensic technologies to recreate the face of a man who lived at the same time as Jesus, basing his reconstruction on three Semite skulls found in Israel, plus passages from the bible.


The features of  “Jesus” would likely have been typical of Middle Eastern Jews in the Galilee area of northern Israel.

Richard Neave_ face of jesus

Richard Neave used forensic anthropology commonly used in solving crimes, working with Israeli archaeologists to come up with what is believed to be the most accurate recreation of Jesus’ face in history.

According to Christian Today, Matthew records in the bible hat it was hard to tell Jesus apart from his disciples during his arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane, indicating that Christ had features that were typical of Galilean Semites of His era.

-jesus by Richard Neave

After studying the skulls, the team used a special computer program to re-create the muscles and skin.

The skulls did not, however, provide two key pieces of information about Jesus’ appearance: his hair and his skin colour. To be able to determine these, the researchers analysed drawings found in various archaeological sites in Israel and concluded that Jesus had dark eyes and wore a beard, following Jewish tradition.

The researchers deviated from the common belief that Christ had long, straight hair. Instead, they assumed that Jesus Christ had short hair with tight curls, based on their analysis of the Holy Bible.

Did you grow up thinking Jesus looked a certain way? What did He look like to you?

  1. Jesus was almost certainly short and swarthy, may have been pockmarked, but does it really matter?

    • Jan Edwards  

      That’s what I think too and Mary herself has always been portrayed as fair with blue eyes. Maybe that’s why people saw Jesus as being fair in colour. She was probably dark haired with dark eyes and drop dead gorgeous. Who cares and what does it matter? As long as Christians feel that there is a God, that’s all that matters.

  2. Jesus was a dark skinned, dark haired and dark eyes Jew from the middle east and he was probably short

    • So do I! But, they’ve traditionally pictured him tall, slender and Caucasian, which I find annoying!

      • Jan Edwards  

        Yes you could be right but a lot of very ordinary people turn out to be heroes. As long as he’s in our corner, it has to be good.

    • His height would have been only about 4ft 10 inches tall ~ quite the opposite as projected! One wonders if a truer picture was put up; would it make a difference ~ I believe it would for many! Why do we judge by appearance??

    • Nancy I am atheist but if you are a believer..looks should not matter, isn’t it deeds that count ?

    • I am also an atheist; and yes, looks shouldn’t matter; but why the deception? It’s not necessary and not true, and that annoys me. Just my opinion!

  3. I think it is pretty accurate, he wouldn’t have long hair it was considered a disgrace, and he would be dark with a beard. We will find out one day 🙂

  4. Tradition is hard to conquer and change. He may look like you or me or anyone – it is not how he looked – it is about who HE IS and what he did for mankind! Opportunity for Redemption! Love unknown in a public figure and the acceptance of the consequences in a society who rejected that. too much has been skewed on this – He gave His Life for our salvation. Quite a man I’d say – regardless how he looked!

  5. There is no possibilty that anyone has any idea what this so named person looked like if he ever existed.

  6. Images and painting were done of Jesus hundreds of years AFTER his death in Europe, they depicted a Jesus that was appealing to them, but if Jesus had walked down a Cronulla Street, 10 years ago he probably would have been attacked

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